Minecraft in Space Would Be a Logical Progression of its Biomes | Games Rants
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Minecraft in Space Would Be a Logical Progression of its Biomes | Games Rants


  • Minecraft‘s expanding range of biomes in the Overworld may be overwhelming, so introducing space biomes could be a creative new direction.
  • Space biomes could bring new elements to the game, like low or zero gravity mechanics, and push Minecraft‘s creative potential to new heights.
  • Implementing space biomes could involve creating celestial objects like planets and moons, or even alien worlds, to add variety and accessibility for players.

With every update that Minecraft receives, its range of biomes continues to grow, which means that sooner or later instead of expanding across the Overworld or down underground it will need to head up to the stars with all-new space biomes. In its most recent updates, Minecraft added new biomes like the Cherry Blossom Grove and the Deep Dark, all of which typically bring their own unique elements to the game from sculk to cherry trees. But Minecraft could be at risk of overpopulating its Overworld and wearing players down, whether it’s due to the sheer number of biomes or struggling to find the rarer areas.

One alternative to circumvent this would be to introduce space biomes to Minecraft instead of adding directly to the Overworld. There are already many different Minecraft space mods that Mojang could look to for inspiration on how it could effectively implement these new biomes into its existing gameplay. Moreover, space biomes could add new concepts to the game like those that came before them, such as new low or zero gravity mechanics, adapting its current underwater oxygen meter, and most importantly pushing the envelope for Minecraft‘s creative potential with features that would be literally out of this world.

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Space Biomes Are Minecraft’s Final Frontier

Minecraft Space Station

Given that Minecraft has already made interdimensional exploration a core part of its gameplay with the Nether and the End, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Mojang eventually expanded this approach to interstellar travel too. Space biomes would continue to maintain Minecraft‘s balance between real-life and fantasy elements by blending aspects of both together. For instance, these space biomes could implement areas of real life with changes to gravity and air while adding fictional ideas such as its own aliens, extraterrestrial materials, and more.

With this potential for creating new and interesting biomes that offer a different experience to the Overworld, it’s arguable that this is the next step Minecraft needs to take with its biomes. As Minecraft‘s most recent updates have shown, the scope of biomes that could be added is becoming limited to variations of similar concepts, such as similar kinds of forests, caves, and bodies of water. So by exploring the creativity space could provide and its untouched potential, these particular biomes might help Minecraft and its future updates avoid the onset of fatigue among players.

How Far Minecraft’s Space Biomes Could Go

Minecraft Alien World

Should Mojang decide to let players explore the final frontier in Minecraft, then the biggest decision it will face is how exactly these biomes should be implemented and accessed. Unlike the latest newer biomes that are integrated into the world generation, space biomes face the immediate obstacle of how players can go from the surface to the sky. For example, if Mojang were to limit a space biome to just the upper atmosphere, then players could adapt elytra, fireworks, and enchanted Respiration helmets to rig up rudimentary spacesuits as they build their own space stations in zero gravity.

However, it might be more accessible to players if space biomes reflected more traditional Overworld biomes, meaning these might be likelier based on celestial objects like planets, moons, and asteroids with portals between them. Adding a moon biome to Minecraft is a recurring focus of current space mods, so this could help Mojang trial the concept in the base game and create future space biomes from this. Inspiration could also come from elsewhere within Minecraft, such as creating alien worlds like the Nether, desolate asteroids like the End, or even crystalline comets akin to the Overworld’s amethyst geodes.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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