Minecraft Player Discovers Huge Group of Endermen in Strange Place, Ends in Disaster | Games Rants
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Minecraft Player Discovers Huge Group of Endermen in Strange Place, Ends in Disaster | Games Rants


  • A Minecraft player discovers stacked Endermen in a mine, leading to a disastrous encounter with these typically neutral mobs.
  • The Enderman will teleport, loot, and attack if eye contact is made. Players must run or fight, but the enemy will pursue them.
  • The players are swarmed by Endermen after attacking the trapped ones, resulting in their deaths and a potential loss of valuable gear.

A Minecraft player has discovered Endermen stacked up in a small space in a mine which ended in disaster. Minecraft has many hostile mobs that can be a danger in Survival mode, and the typically neutral Enderman can become a foe if gamers make eye contact with it.

Minecraft’s Enderman has been part of the game since it was launched. The Enderman will teleport around, loot littered items, and may attack a player if they make eye contact with them. Once a Minecraft player looks into the glowing eyes of the Enderman, they may run or fight, but the enemy will pursue them.

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Reddit user Soydaniboi recently shared a clip of them and a friend coming across a stack of Endermen after defeating two skeletons. As the players approach, the Endermen appear to be grouped up in a two-by-one block area as they’re poking out of the space and are 2.9 blocks tall. As a Minecraft Creeper approaches the players, they take a step back to narrowly prevent the block hindering the Endermen from being blown up. The two Minecraft players begin attacking the trapped Endermen who are unable to retaliate, but they quickly receive backup.

Under most circumstances, Endermen will defend themselves if they’re attacked, but may also get support from nearby Endermen. After killing a couple of the Minecraft enemies, the players are then swarmed by more Endermen. Soydaniboi hits one Enderman before appearing to accept defeat as what looks like a dozen Endermen attack both players until they’re dead. While the Minecraft players may return to collect their loot, the area could also remain a deathtrap with how many Endermen were there. If the players aren’t able to retrieve their loot in the midst of the Endermen, they could lose the enchanted Minecraft gear that they had equipped.

Players may want to kill Endermen like these because they drop Minecraft Ender Pearls. Ender Pearls are a material in the Eyes of the Ender recipe, a coveted item for its abilities. Although it’s unclear precisely how many Endermen were in the small space within the mine, the group likely exceeded four based on their movement. While it’s normal for Endermen to be common in The End, it’s abnormal for them to spawn so much in the Overworld.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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