Minecraft Player Creates Game Mode Inspired by Classic MMO | Games Rants
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Minecraft Player Creates Game Mode Inspired by Classic MMO | Games Rants


  • A Minecraft player has created a data pack inspired by Old School RuneScape, adding a new game mode to Minecraft called Chunklock.
  • In Chunklock, players must pay a “price” to unlock each chunk, with the price increasing as more chunks are unlocked, creating an extra challenge.
  • The idea of Chunklock has been positively received by the Minecraft community.

A Minecraft player has created a game mode inspired by Old School RuneScape. Minecraft is the perfect playground for players who like to exercise their creativity. Inventive in-game constructions often get the spotlight, but there’s also love for mods, texture packs, and data packs.

Mods alter Minecraft to make performance adjustments or optimizations and can add content to the game. Meanwhile, data packs are folders that players can add to saved games and customize the Minecraft experience without code modifications. Through data packs, Minecraft can get new biomes, dimensions, recipes, and even structures. An example is the data pack that adds the Backrooms to Minecraft, creating a blocky version of the popular urban legend.

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Reddit user McEMau5 has created a data pack that adds a game mode inspired by Old School RuneScape, one of the most grindy MMOs of all time, to Minecraft. Named Chunklock, the data pack got a trailer that revealed the October release date. In Chunklock, Minecraft players must pay a “price” to unlock each chunk, which consists of in-game items such as fish, sticks, ladders, or even gold ingots. This price then gets higher as the Minecraft player unlocks more chunks, adding an extra challenge. Chunklock is inspired by Old School RuneScape‘s Tileman mode, an unofficial mode popularized by YouTuber Settled where advancing through the tiles is restricted to spending 1,000 XP.

Players on the Minecraft subreddit received the idea very positively. One Redditor asked how McEMau5 made Chunklock work in The End, the Minecraft dimension where the Ender Dragon lives. The player said that The End was tricky, and explained that when players arrive in this dimension, the chunks around the End crystals are locked. When the player teleport through an End gateway, the chunk the player teleport to is unlocked. A second Redditor asked if it’s possible to get stuck in Chunklock. The player said that they check the biome where the chunk is when they generate the item needed to unlock it. From this chunk, the players will have three more paths to choose from, so the more they play, the less chance they have of getting stuck.

Minecraft remains one of the most popular sandbox games due to its high level of customization and freedom. While mods are the most popular way of customizing the game, data packs offer an equally great potential for entertaining players.

Minecraft is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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