These Muffins Based on Minecraft’s Cake Look Delicious | Games Rants
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These Muffins Based on Minecraft’s Cake Look Delicious | Games Rants


  • A Minecraft fan baked muffins inspired by the game’s cake, reflecting the popular food items in the game that players can create.
  • The creativity in Minecraft expands beyond food, with players building impressive structures and even recreating the Pokedex.
  • Minecraft’s sandbox format and popularity on Twitch and YouTube have allowed it to become the highest-selling video game of all time.

A Minecraft fan baked delicious muffins based on the game’s cake. The sweet dessert is one of the many food items that Minecraft players can eat to relieve hunger so they can continue their tasks and exploration.

First released in 2011, Minecraft became the highest-selling video game of all time because of its sandbox format, which gave players the freedom to build their virtual homes, battle zombies, and explore with friends. It’s also become a popular category on Twitch and YouTube as content creators participate in multiplayer gameplay and record-breaking speed runs. One of its highlights is its food items and meals, which players can whip up using ingredients they can find in their surroundings. Minecraft‘s recipes have also inspired fans to recreate them in the real world.

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One such dish is Minecraft‘s cake, which Reddit user ShyQuestgiver used as a reference to bake muffins for their friend’s birthday. To make the dessert look like the Minecraft cake, they made the muffins square-shaped and topped them off with white powdered sugar icing, complete with small red squares on the surface made with food coloring. According to ShyQuestgiver, the treat was a neat gift for their friend as they both often played Minecraft together.

Many Minecraft fans in the comments said they loved the cake recreation, saying that the muffins looked cute and delicious. Others engaged in friendly banter to debate whether they were muffins, cupcakes, or an actual cake, while referencing Portal‘s “The cake is a lie.” Meanwhile, some said the Minecraft cake-inspired muffin reminded them of a keycap, with one saying it could be a great ESC key design.

There had been a number of Minecraft fans who have attempted to recreate the cake. Food content creator Alvin Zhou once did it in his series “Arcade with Alvin” on the Babish Culinary Universe YouTube channel, where he attempted to bake the cake using the ingredients used in the game, but in the end, successfully gave the cake a pixel-like design. Some have also referenced Minecraft creatures like the spider to design their cakes.

The creativity of Minecraft isn’t limited to food as well. In the game, many players have used their surroundings and materials to build impressive structures and rooms in their bases, and even recreate the entire Generation 1 Pokedex. It just goes to show how Minecraft can fuel the creativity of many people, both in the game and the real world.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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