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10 Cards You Should Remove From Your Deck | Games Rants

Marvel Snap has a massive amount of various cards for players to utilize when combining them to create different decks. Though many follow a niche synergy or just follow a powerful path of independence in general, some cards lack the reputation that overall ‘better’ cards withhold. These cards, though they may provide a sound ability of some sort, are generally disregarded in Marvel Snap.

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As a heavily competitive game, players seek out meta cards that are quick to fulfill successful combos and demand a location’s victory with a mass of Power. Other cards, which are usually left alone in fans’ collections, simply don’t have the qualifications to make it out in Marvel Snap’s competitive frame just yet.

10 Mantis

mantis in marvel snap

1-Cost cards are some of the most difficult characters to choose from in Marvel Snap, as many of them provide beneficial capabilities that help set up a strategy or two in the long run. However, some 1-Costs are better left alone, as they don’t deliver abilities as good as meta 1-Cost cards.

Mantis is one such card, as her On Reveal ability proves too futile in the ways that matter. Her On Reveal ability, which allows players to draw a card from the opponent’s deck if they played a card at Mantis’ location in the same turn, is almost meaningless. With a reliance on chance and having only very few synergies, Mantis is nowhere near Marvel Snap‘s meta.

9 Adam Warlock

adam warlock's card in marvel snap

Though many fans would have assumed Adam Warlock to be one of the most monstrous cards in all of Marvel Snap, nothing could be further from the truth. Adam Warlock is a 2-Cost card with absolutely no Power at all. As a 0-Power card, he is essentially worthless, but his ability drives a small mechanic that some players may enjoy.

If players are winning the location that Adam Warlock is residing at, they are able to draw another card at the end of a turn. It may give players another card, but with no Power and no other features, Adam Warlock doesn’t provide enough help to be considered for any sort of deck.

8 Cable

cable's card

Reminiscent of Mantis, Cable has the On Reveal ability that allows players to draw a card from the bottom of the opponent’s deck. Though Cable also has 2 Power to add onto a location, his meaningless ability and lack of strength make him an unfortunate liability in a 12-card deck.

Taking one of the opponent’s cards isn’t a very satisfying mechanic, as fans don’t know what they’re receiving, and since the opposing card was at the bottom of the deck, opponents wouldn’t have counted on said card anyway. The only use for Cable stands with an ‘alright’ synergy with The Collector.

7 Agatha Harkness

agatha harkness card

Agatha Harkness is, harshly put, one of the worst 6-Cost cards in Marvel Snap. Sure, she may bring 14 Power to the table, but players aren’t even at the helm of controlling where their cards go and which ones are played. That’s because Agatha Harkness’ ability states that she starts in the player’s opening hand and controls their cards.

Though an ‘AFK’ deck sounds intriguing at first, it can prove cumbersome in a variety of losses and overall lacks the supreme management that more popular decks have. Conclusively, many more 6-Cost cards have better abilities and uses.

6 Mister Sinister

mister sinister's card

Mister Sinister is one of the least-used cards in the entire game, and even fewer gamers give him a spot in their meta-based decks. Mister Sinister is a 2-Cost card with an equal 2 Power and also has the On Reveal ability to add a Sinister Clone to the same location with the same Power.

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Many fans have made use of Mister Sinister in destroy decks, but there are so many other cards that would be of better service in place of the card’s 2 Energy spot. Two cards that, initially, only have 2 Power, aren’t a great strategic option when it comes to taking a location.

5 Angel

angel in marvel snap

Angel has been thrown around the Marvel Snap community as one of the worst cards in the game, and that statement is laughably so. Angel is a 1 Cost card with only 2 Power. With that, players may expect the X-Men character to maintain a grand ability, but the truth is that he only has the capacity to ‘fly’ in place of a friendly card that was destroyed (so long as Angel is in the player’s deck).

This ability is one of the most useless, as Angel provides nowhere near enough for it to make sense to have the card fly in to add a measly 2 Power onto a location. The only way Angel could ever be useful is if players sacrifice a card at Death’s Domain.

4 Hawkeye

hawkeye's card marvel snap

Hawkeye is one of the several ‘starter’ cards that players will immediately be able to employ upon downloading Marvel Snap. In the beginning of players’ collections, Hawkeye doesn’t seem that bad of a card. But, it’s when fans start to roam around Pool Three that it eventually becomes a card that players will “toss into their attic.”

Hawkeye costs 1 Energy and has 1 Power, but his On Reveal ability gives him +3 Power if the player places a card at Hawkeye’s location next turn. At a certain point, Hawkeye is just a worse Rescue, and ultimately gives away the player’s next move, since he requires a card to be played at his location.

3 Mister Negative

marvel snap mister negative decks

As one of the coolest ideas in Marvel Snap concerning deck niches and such, Mister Negative was a character which many fans wanted to build the ultimate deck from. What followed was an epic disappointment, however, as Mister Negative relies too heavily on chance and very specific cards to make him reliable.

Mister Negative, who is a 4 Cost card with -1 Power, has the On Reveal ability to swap all Energy costs and Power on cards in the player’s deck. This can be incredible with cards like Iron Man and Iron Heart, but again, there is too much reliance on luck. There aren’t enough synergistic cards to make use of Mister Negative either way.

2 Cerebro

marvel snap cerebro decks

Cerebro is a very unique card, but that does not mean it makes it out into the competitive realm of Marvel Snap. As a 3-Cost card, Cerebro would have been a very sought-after card if it weren’t for its lack of Power and effectiveness in ability.

Cerebro has the Ongoing ability that states that the friendly card with the highest Power is granted +2 Power, but that isn’t near enough of a boost to mark itself as “outstanding.” With a bit of strategic placement (Cerebro, Onslaught, Mystique, etc.), Cerebro can somewhat deliver, but many other 3-Cost cards are much more efficient.

1 M’Baku

m'baku's card

M’Baku has been hailed as a ‘meme’ card since its release into Pool Three. In fact, M’Baku is one of the lowest-ranking cards, as it stands near the bottom of the list of all the cards in Marvel Snap. As a 1-Cost card with 2 Power, M’Baku’s ability doesn’t make sense enough to be included in any kind of deck.

There’s legitimately not a proper use for the card, as M’Baku’s ability just allows him to ‘jump’ to a random location if he is still residing within the player’s deck at the end of the game. In a giant coincidental turn of events, M’Baku may win players the game if they are losing by 1 Power, and he jumps to the right location, but it just isn’t efficient enough.

Marvel Snap is available on PC and mobile devices.

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