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Marvel Characters That Still Don’t Have a Card in Marvel Snap | Games Rants


  • Marvel SNAP has a diverse range of characters, but there are still notable omissions. Future expansions can rectify this by adding missing heroes and villains.
  • Prominent characters missing from Marvel SNAP include Ben Reilly, US Agent, Scream, and Anti-Venom.
  • These characters are relevant enought to have earned the right to their own cards, which will hopefully be included in future expansions.

Marvel SNAP has featured characters from several corners of the Marvel universe, but there are still a few notable names that haven’t been represented. With Marvel SNAP‘s card count continuing to grow, it’s likely that a lot of missing heroes and villains will find their way into the game eventually. Even so, after five expansions, there are a few characters who feel like they should have found a place among the many cards in the game already. Both heroes and villains have a few notable names missing from the list, and Marvel SNAP‘s future expansions can rectify that.

As one of the better recent deck-building games, Marvel SNAP has enjoyed a significant amount of popularity. A significant part of that success can be attributed to the Marvel license, which brings a lot of well-known and well-loved characters into the game. Avengers like Captain America and Iron Man are to be expected, but Marvel SNAP has delved surprisingly deep to find some unexpected choices. Lesser-known characters like Hell Cow and Wave can join the fray alongside Marvel’s heavy hitters, and given the circumstances, they can even win. Marvel SNAP‘s card collection has enough variety to appeal to card players and Marvel fans alike, though there are still some additions that can be made.

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Marvel SNAP is Missing a Few Notable Characters From its Roster


There are a good amount of heroes not represented in Marvel SNAP that come as a surprise. Former substitute Captain America U.S. Agent, for example, is nowhere to be found in-game despite Bucky, Falcon, and Patriot having already joined the game. Daredevil’s apprentice Blindspot is also missing, despite being a prominent character in some relatively recent stories. Another notably absent character is Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, a second Spider-Man with a memorably cool look. They may not be the most famous crimefighters in Marvel’s library, but they’ve all spent time around major heroes, and they’ve earned the right to have their own cards.

Marvel can’t have heroes without villains, and seeing how some villains in Marvel SNAP proved incredibly powerful, more could be in line to do the same. While Spiral’s status as a villain isn’t clear anymore after getting her soul back from Mojo, her memorability makes her lack of a card surprising. Also clearly missing is Boomerang, who took up a major role during Nick Spencer’s recent run with the comic. A more unexpected suggestion would be Stilt-Man, who is mostly known for being ridiculous and weak. However, he is well-known, and Marvel SNAP could surely give him an ability that’s at least entertaining, if not useful.

Venom has almost no presence among the game’s cards, even though Spider-Man is quite strong in Marvel SNAP. It isn’t even clear whether the Venom card is Eddie or Flash, and Carnage is the only other card with any relation to the series. This leaves out Andi Benton, a teen superheroine who has had three symbiote superhero monikers in Mania, Scream, and Silence, but doesn’t appear in Marvel SNAP as any of them. Likewise, other related characters like Anti-Venom, Toxin, and Lee Price have been forgotten as well. Venom is a major part of Spider-Man‘s mythos, but his own branch hasn’t gotten much love in Marvel SNAP.

Marvel SNAP has featured a decent chunk of the Marvel universe, but there is still more room to expand. New Marvel SNAP cards can become big hits, and there’s no reason why any of the previously mentioned characters couldn’t do the same with a decent ability. While the game has covered most of the most well-known Marvel characters already, it still has some work to do when it comes to recognizable names. Hopefully, Marvel SNAP will be able to bring these characters into the game through future expansions.

Marvel SNAP is available now for Android, iOS, and PC.

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