How Jackbox Party Pack 10’s Timejinx Stands Out From Other Trivia Games | Games Rants
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How Jackbox Party Pack 10’s Timejinx Stands Out From Other Trivia Games | Games Rants

Jackbox Games is ready to celebrate Jackbox Party Pack‘s 10th anniversary in style with the obviously-titled release of The Jackbox Party Pack 10 later this year. This tenth-numbered bundle of party games is set to introduce five new games to the franchise that will surely be a treat for fans. Each game seems like the perfect thing for game night, and they each change the formula to keep players coming back for more.

Each Jackbox Party Pack tends to draw party games from similar sets of categories, and the tenth is no different. Players can expect a trivia game, a drawing game, and even a fill-in-the-blank competition when they boot up the game. While these are all common staples of the franchise, each game will still feel fresh and unique. They each offer new but familiar challenges for players to conquer, and no two games seem to be the same.

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Game Rant was recently able to sit down with Jackbox Games to discuss what these party games have to offer players. We were able to talk with the producer of the Timejinx party game Kyra McFarland about what makes it stand out from every other trivia game before it. It may have many hallmarks of a classic trivia game, but the studio approached the concept very differently this time around. When asked about specific differences McFarland said,

Yeah, I think there are a lot of ways that it stands out. I think, first and foremost, is its overall wrapper of being about time, it’s super-duper time-focused. Like I said, the input method is an old-style phone number pad where you’re trying to get as close to the actual date as possible. But you’re also dealing with, of course, some time shenanigans. This is Jackbox, so of course there’s going to be shenanigans.

Unlike standard trivia games, Timejinx will put players in the shoes of time travelers and challenge them to a time-based trivia contest. Instead of answering an assortment of questions, players will have to input dates and try to travel to the correct points in time if they want any chance at winning. It will supposedly be a wild ride unlike any trivia game before it, and that potential alone sounds exciting. Of course, shenanigans are half the fun.

There’s a little bit of how do we mess with time, how do we fix it, do we have to disguise ourselves and go to another time, or then, ooh, are we going to the future? But what kind of future is it? It’s really trying to delve into that aspect of trivia and hyper-specific mentality of getting a very broad range of answers specifically correct.

Timejinx will not be the most conventional trivia game out there, and because of that, it does seem like it will be an exciting experience. This series is known for having a lot of unique trivia games, and this one sounds like the most unique to date. It will be interesting to see how it actually plays out when the game finally hits store shelves, and luckily fans do not have that long to wait.

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 will release on all major platforms in fall 2023.

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