Highly-Rated Xbox Console Exclusive is Seemingly Jumping Ship to PS5 | Games Rants
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Highly-Rated Xbox Console Exclusive is Seemingly Jumping Ship to PS5 | Games Rants


  • The highly acclaimed game Immortality may be coming to the PS5, according to director Sam Barlow.
  • Immortality received widespread acclaim for its unique gameplay mechanics and captivating narrative.
  • While it is not yet confirmed, Barlow’s tweet suggests that Immortality is planned for release on the PS5, though no further details are available.

There’s a chance that the critically-acclaimed Xbox console exclusive game Immortality is apparently coming to PS5 at some point down the line, according to director Sam Barlow. Immortality first released in 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X/S before making its way to Android and iOS mobile devices through Netflix.

Immortality earned near-universal acclaim at the time of its release, with praise given to its unique gameplay mechanics and mind-bending narrative. To discuss Immortality too much would be to spoil the experience, but the gist of the game is that players are tasked with looking through a ton of archived footage in an attempt to figure out exactly what happened to aspiring actress Marissa Marcel.

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Immortality is currently one of the highest-rated Xbox Series X console exclusive games, but it seems like it will be heading to the PlayStation 5. Director Sam Barlow recently took to Twitter to point out how Immortality is leaving Xbox Game Pass on the same day that Starfield is joining the service. This prompted a variety of responses from people, with one individual asking if Immortality would be coming to PS5. Barlow confirmed that he is “working on it,” indicating that the game is indeed planned for PlayStation’s latest console. Anyone hoping for a release date or any other information about the potential Immortality PS5 port will have to wait.

Immortality launched as a day one Xbox Game Pass game. In fact, it was one of the highest-rated day one Xbox Game Pass games in all of 2022. This makes it especially disappointing that Immortality is leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of August. If it does make its way over to the PS5, it will be interesting to see if it does so as a PS Plus game. No plans to that effect have actually been announced, so fans should stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, PlayStation gamers curious about Sam Barlow’s work can play one of his more recent games on the platform. Telling Lies is available for PS4, and thanks to the PS5 being backward compatible with PS4 games, it can be played on Sony’s newest console. Unfortunately, Her Story, another award-winning game from Barlow, is not currently playable on any PlayStation platform. Fans will have to make due with Telling Lies and keep their fingers crossed that the Immortality PS5 port materializes.

Immortality is available for Android, iOS, PC, and Xbox Series X.

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