Star Rail Players are Disappointed by Version 1.3 Trailblaze Mission | Games Rants
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Star Rail Players are Disappointed by Version 1.3 Trailblaze Mission | Games Rants


  • Some fans of Honkai: Star Rail are disappointed with the new Trailblaze Mission added in Version 1.3, claiming that it is way too short.
  • Comparisons are being made to Genshin Impact, with players feeling that Honkai: Star Rail lacks in content when compared to its counterpart.
  • Fans express the need for longer quests in Honkai: Star Rail and suggest that the development team should allocate more time and resources to provide a more satisfying experience.

Some Honkai: Star Rail fans are disappointed by the new Trailblaze Mission added in Version 1.3 of the game. Honkai: Star Rail gets new updates on a regular basis. These major updates often include story missions, character-driven quests, events, and more, with players getting a chance to obtain new characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

Trailblaze Missions in Honkai: Star Rail function similar to Archon Quests in Genshin Impact, as they tell the main story of the game. Honkai: Star Rail already features a fairly substantial main story, and more missions will get added in future updates. Version 1.3 also came with a new Trailblaze Mission, but it looks like some fans have issues with this portion of the latest update.

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Honkai: Star Rail fans have made various posts on Reddit highlighting their complaints, stating that the new Trailblaze Mission of Version 1.3 is way too short. A user named __singularity has pointed out that these major updates come every six weeks, so they appear disappointed by the main story mission lasting less than an hour. They also complain about Honkai: Star Rail’s pacing, before stating that the development team needs to up the content in upcoming patches.

A user named Flindo00 hopes that this doesn’t become a new trend, as they claim that the new Trailblaze Mission is just 15-minutes-long. While the exact duration can be different depending upon the player, the new story mission looks to be extremely short when compared to previous ones. Flindo00 also feels that they are getting scraps when compared to the new content added to Genshin Impact. Players can find other similar posts on Reddit, as a number of users are sharing their complaints regarding the short story mission added in Version 1.3 of Honkai: Star Rail.

The comments sections of both posts are filled with disappointed fans, with one user stating that the maintenance period was longer than the content offered by the update. Another gamer mentions that Honkai: Star Rail doesn’t have an open world like Genshin Impact, so the development team should have spent more time and resources on giving fans longer quests to play through. On the other hand, one fan points out that the main focus of this Honkai: Star Rail update is the new Simulated Universe content, but players will have to wait a few days to access it.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now for PC and mobile devices with a PS5 version releasing in Q4 2023.

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