Honkai Star Rail Leak Shows Topaz and Numby Combat Gameplay | Games Rants
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Honkai Star Rail Leak Shows Topaz and Numby Combat Gameplay | Games Rants


  • Honkai: Star Rail leak reveals new five-star character Topaz and her companion Numby, who function as one playable unit.
  • Topaz will be a valuable support for the five-star Fire user Clara, providing high single-target DPS potential.
  • Topaz’s skills include summoning Numby to deal Fire damage and applying the Burn status, as well as an Ultimate that buffs Numby’s stats.

A new Honkai: Star Rail leak shows gameplay footage of the upcoming five-star character named Topaz and Numby. Even though it features two characters, Topaz and her loyal companion Numby, these two function as one playable unit which is not that common for gacha-based games.

Honkai: Star Rail‘s official social media accounts have already confirmed that Topaz will arrive in version 1.4 which is expected to drop in the first half of October. She won’t be the only roster addition as HoYoverse also confirmed another five-star unit named Jingliu and a four-star character by the name Xueyi.

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A new post on the Honkai: Star Rail Leaks subreddit shows the new five-star character Topaz and Numby during combat. The game allows players to have a team composition that can include up to four different characters. In order to maximize the damage potential of their party, players need to carefully assemble the right team whose kits have decent synergy. In the leaked footage, Topaz is surrounded by three characters: the five-star Physical character Clara, the five-star Imaginary user Luocha, and the four-star Fire unit Asta. The player used these characters to take advantage of Topaz’s kit which revolves around follow-up attacks. This is a specific mechanic where characters attack automatically out of turn if certain conditions are met.


Many fans have pointed out that Topaz will probably be used as the go-to support for the five-star Fire user Clara. The fact that she follows the path of The Hunt means that Topaz’s kit will provide tons of single-target DPS potential which is a great tool to have when fighting elite enemies. Her skill can summon a Wrap Trotter named Numby that deals Fire damage to a target which also gives her a 100% chance to apply the Burn status.

This character’s Ultimate will buff Numby, increasing its Crit Rate, Speed, and Damage Multiplier. Numby can then attack twice before he exits this special stance. Some fans have been complaining about Topaz and Numby’s attack animations since Numby seems to be doing all the work and players want to see Topaz also perform some of the attacks.

There is a chance that Topaz and Numby arrive on the game’s first double banner as recent leaks revealed that Honkai: Star Rail version 1.4 could feature the game’s first re-run. When it comes to the character’s exact release date, HoYoverse did not clarify if Topaz will be placed on the first or second banner cycle of the upcoming update.

Honkai: Star Rail is available now for PC and mobile devices. PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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