Hogwarts Legacy Sale Gives Game Big Discount | Games Rants
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Hogwarts Legacy Sale Gives Game Big Discount | Games Rants


  • Gamers can save 30% on digital editions of Hogwarts Legacy for a limited time, which could cause more players to purchase the game.
  • The sale applies to PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game.
  • The discounted prices for the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions vary across platforms, with sales ending on different dates.

Gamers can purchase the digital editions of Hogwarts Legacy for 30% off for a limited time, giving those undecided about picking up the game a more compelling reason to do so. While the sale does not extend to physical copies of Hogwarts Legacy, most platforms that digital editions of the game are on are included.

2023 has seen the release of a number of well-received games, and the year is far from over. However, one of the best-selling titles has been Hogwarts Legacy. Despite not coming to the Nintendo Switch until November, the game has performed incredibly well on its available platforms, selling over 15 million copies. Now, an impressive deal is being offered for the title that could drive even more sales.

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Recently, the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account announced that the game has been heavily discounted. According to the tweet, the digital editions of Hogwarts Legacy are 30% off for a limited time. As a result of this price cut, players can pick up the Standard edition of the game on PC through Steam or the Epic Games Store for $41.99, down from $59.99. Meanwhile, the Digitial Deluxe Edition is down to $48.99 from $69.99. Beyond PC, the Standard PS5 version of Hogwarts Legacy is 30% off, reducing the price from $69.99 to $48.99, while the Standard PS4 version has gone from $59.99 to $41.99.

While the image shared by the publisher noted that the sale applied to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Epic Game Store, the Xbox Store currently does not show the Standard digital edition marked down. Instead, gamers can pick up the Digital Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy for a reduced cost on that storefront. This edition of the game is currently on sale for $55.99, 30% off the original $79.99 price tag.

It is worth pointing out that these deals are only available for a limited time. According to the Steam and Epic Games Store listings, Hogwarts Legacy will remain on sale until September 7. However, the Digital Deluxe Edition sale on the Xbox Store is scheduled to end in three days, while the PlayStation deals will conclude on September 6.

Unfortunately, Switch players will not be able to take advantage of these deals, as they are still waiting for the game to come to the Nintendo hybrid console. The Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy has faced challenges during development and was hit with a massive delay in May. However, the game is still expected to be released on the platform this November, meaning that even more gamers will have the opportunity to check out Hogwarts Legacy in the coming months.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a Switch version releasing November 14.

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