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Hogwarts Legacy Fan Builds Incredible Custom Harry Potter PC | Games Rants


  • A fan has built an impressive Harry Potter-themed PC for Hogwarts Legacy, featuring references such as a Goblet of Fire reservoir and Hogwarts house-themed RAM.
  • The PC’s specs suggest it will meet the system requirements for Hogwarts Legacy, with the Goblet of Fire reservoir likely providing cooling for the internal hardware.
  • The PC is still in progress, but once completed, the fan may showcase the finished product, although details about the investment of time and money remain unclear.

A Hogwarts Legacy fan has built a custom Harry Potter PC with the Hogwarts Express and other references included. Since Hogwarts Legacy was released, fans have already created unique fan art, mods, and more, but this PC may be among the game’s best inspirations.

Months beyond the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, the Avalanche open-world game continues to sell well. Hogwarts Legacy still contends with new releases as Nintendo Switch fans anticipate a port in November. With more players picking Hogwarts Legacy up, many of them show their appreciation for the Avalanche title. While some gamers build incredible Hogwarts Legacy Rooms of Requirement, others have customized controllers and real-life wands. One Hogwarts Legacy fan has reached the final stages of an impressive PC build celebrating the Harry Potter franchise.

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Reddit user DIYPCBUILDERS recently shared several images of their Hogwarts Legacy PC build. The custom PC includes a 5900x CPU, 3080 GPU, 64GB of DDR4 RAM, a gen 4 2 TB M2 SSD, MSI MAX x570 processor, and Hyte Y60 case, but the parts are far from the main attraction. Ignoring the specs, the gaming rig features several references to Harry Potter and Hogwarts Legacy. There’s a Goblet of Fire external reservoir that’s connected to two pumps, RAM themed around the Hogwarts houses, and a small version of the Hogwarts Express train. The Hogwarts crest is emblazoned on the closed side of the PC tower, while the reservoir rests on cauldrons that would look familiar in Hogwarts Legacy‘s potion class.

Based on the specs of DIYPCBUILDERS’ PC, it will likely meet the Hogwarts Legacy system requirements. The pump and tubes leading to the Goblet of Fire connect to just above the Hogwarts Express’ smokestack where it’s likely fed to internal hardware that runs hot. From the right angle, this tube looks like it feeds into the model train included in the PC. DIYPCBUILDERS’ unique PC also has a small model of Hogwarts Castle with a starry night and full moon image behind it. Beyond the intricacies of the Hogwarts Legacy PC, it also has a red, yellow, blue, and green color trim to match the in-game houses.

Because DIYPCBUILDERS’ build is incomplete, the Harry Potter fan may show off the finished product once it’s done. The build mostly requires that the Harry Potter Goblet of Fire reservoir be connected to the PC for cooling. Given that DIYPCBUILDERS hasn’t elaborated on their Hogwarts Legacy PC build, it’s currently unclear how much money and time have been invested into the project.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with a Switch version releasing November 14.

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