Genshin Impact Player Finds Well-Hidden Chest in Fontaine Region | Games Rants
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Genshin Impact Player Finds Well-Hidden Chest in Fontaine Region | Games Rants


  • Fontaine has a wealth of hidden treasure to discover, making exploration in Genshin Impact even more rewarding and complex.
  • Players can find a hidden treasure chest in Fontaine by aiming at birds with a bow character near the abandoned houses in the Beryl Region, rewarding them with Hydro Sigils.
  • The upcoming update for Genshin Impact is expected to open up the northern reaches of Fontaine, introducing new characters and likely more puzzles to solve.

The floodgates of Fontaine have opened as Version 4.0 has seen Genshin Impact fans dive into the first few zones in the new region of Teyvat, and among its idyllic peaks and submerged ruins, one player managed to discover some astoundingly well-hidden treasure. Though it’s a tradition for Genshin Impact‘s community to intensely scour every new zone within the first few days of release, Fontaine’s plentiful secrets have been as rewarding as they’ve been complex. Though perhaps not as frustrating as Inazuma’s puzzles in Genshin Impact, the Hydro nation has kept players busy nonetheless, both within and without its underwater areas.

Between dabbling with Pneuma and Ousia, shifting polarities, carrying hydrograna, and borrowing abilities from underwater creatures, Fontaine is a culmination of all the lessons and feedback HoYoverse gathered over the course of Inazuma and Sumeru, and many players feel that exploration in Genshin Impact just keeps getting better. The amount of Hydro Sigils needed to upgrade the Fountain of Lucine is smaller than that of the Tree of Dreams in Sumeru, but getting all the chests in Fontaine is still quite the undertaking.

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Some treasure chests in Genshin Impact can be tough to find, especially if the conditions for their spawn fall outside the standardized exploration mechanics unique to each corner of Teyvat. This is certainly the case with the treasure chest uncovered by ChibiCreed, who shared their findings with the official Genshin Impact community on Reddit. Though it also exists as a mini puzzle on the Teyvat Interactive Map, this treasure chest can also be found by teleporting to the Beryl Region in Fontaine at the southeast waypoint.

As seen on the video guide, to solve the puzzle, Genshin Impact players need to switch to a bow character and aim at the birds flying near the abandoned houses. After a successful display of marksmanship, an Exquisite Chest should spawn in front of the buildings, giving players two Hydro Sigils, and bringing them one step closer to reaching 100% Map Completion for the latest Genshin Impact zone.

Though fans have greatly enjoyed their intro to Fontaine, the region is expected to open up its northern reaches for players to explore in the next update. The banners for Genshin Impact‘s Version 4.1 are known to feature Wriothesley, Neuvillette, Hu Tao, and Venti, with the former two characters also playing a key role in its Archon Quest. While not much is known of the new zone just yet, it can safely be assumed that it will have its fair share of puzzles as well.

Genshin Impact is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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