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Genshin Impact Reveals Lyney and Yelan Overall Banner Revenue | Games Rants


  • The recent Limited Character Banner featuring Lyney and Yelan in Genshin Impact had lower revenue numbers compared to other banners, surprising players who were excited for Lyney’s debut.
  • Lyney is a character that works best in a team composition with multiple Pyro users, which may have contributed to some players skipping his banner.
  • Yelan, a five-star Hydro character, still holds the revenue record in Genshin Impact and is considered one of the best Hydro characters in the game due to her versatile abilities.

A Genshin Impact chart shows the overall revenue numbers of the previous Limited Character Banner that featured the Pyro user Lyney and the Hydro bow character Yelan. The game has a tight update schedule as each new version of the game arrives approximately 6-7 weeks.

Every Genshin Impact update is divided into two parts, each of which has its own set of limited characters. The recent major update 4.0 has introduced a new five-star character named Lyney and his sister Lynette who was part of the four-star lineup. As this banner expired, it’s time for HoYoverse to introduce a new limited lineup which also includes a new four-star unit named Freminet.

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A Reddit user named BrotherJang has shared an interesting chart that shows the sales numbers for the recently featured Yelan and Lyney double banner. According to the chart, the banner is placed in the bottom 30% of the all-time revenue list which came as a surprise to many players since it features one of the most anticipated five-star characters, Lyney, who was revealed way back in 2020 in one of the game’s earliest story teasers. One of the reasons why players skipped his banner could be the fact that he is not a very flexible character since he only shines when placed in a team composition with multiple Pyro users.

When using Lyney, Travelers usually surround him with two Pyro characters and neutral support like Kaedehara Kazuha. The five-star Hydro user Yelan is one of the most popular characters in the roster which is proven by the fact that she still holds Genshin Impact’s revenue record. This record was set back in version 3.4 in which she appeared on a banner alongside the Pyro polearm user Hu Tao.

Even though she can dish out tons of damage, Yelan’s go-to role is still support or sub-DPS. At the moment, she is considered one of, if not the best Hydro character on the roster thanks to a diverse kit. Some fans have pointed out that another reason why many players skipped the banner was in order to save up some precious Primogems for the upcoming updates which will feature popular characters like the Hydro Archon Furina.

Developer HoYoverse has already confirmed that the upcoming Genshin Impact update 4.1 will feature two catalyst users, Neuvillette and Wriothesley. Considering that they are both expected to be five-star characters means that their releases will most likely be divided into two banner cycles.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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