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How to Unlock Fontaine Daily Commissions and Fontaine Reputation | Games Rants

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There is much to do in Genshin Impact’s newest region, Fontaine, and it can be a bit overwhelming. However, one of the most important tasks is to unlock the local Reputation system and Fontaine Daily Commissions, as these lead to achievement completion, new gadgets, and much more.

To unlock both of these mechanics, there are a few steps that are required. However, all in all, it won’t take too long, so be sure to check the steps here and unlock these two features as soon as possible!

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How to Unlock Daily Commissions in Fontaine

Fontaine Adventurers Guild

The first step to unlocking Fontaine Daily Commissions is to finish Act 2 of the Fontaine Archon Quest: As Light Rain Falls Without Reason. This, of course, requires the completion of Act 1: Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur.

Once Act 2 has been finished, a World Quest will automatically unlock, titled Another Horizon of Adventure. This quest is simple and has only one step: speak to Katheryne at the Fontaine Adventurer’s Guild, located in the northeast of the Court of Fontaine. After speaking with her, the quest will immediately finish and Fontaine Daily Commissions will be available starting with the next server reset!

How to Change Daily Commission Location

Change Daily Commission Region

If you have your Daily Commission region set to “random,” you will have a chance at them being in Fontaine now that they’ve been unlocked in the Hydro nation. However, to ensure that they are in Fontaine, you can set them to be there.

Simply navigate to the Adventurer Handbook menu, select the second tab called “Commissions,” and select Fontaine from the region dropdown in the top right. Starting with the next server reset, Fontaine will be the location of all Daily Commissions until it’s changed again.

How to Unlock the Fontaine Reputation System

Fontaine Reputation Steambird

Unlocking the Reputation system in Fontaine is very simple as well. After finishing Act 2 of the Fontaine Archon Quest, As Light Rain Falls Without Reason, the Steambird Interview quest will immediately be added to the players quest log.

This quest is extremely simple: just head over to the Steambird headquarters (on the west side of the Court of Fontaine) and speak with Euphrasie, the newspaper’s Chief Editor. After a brief conversation, she’ll offer the Reputation system, complete with the standard categories of earning Reputation points that are featured in every region: World Exploration, Quest completion, Bounties, and Requests.

It’s important to note that players will not be able to accept commissions for Requests or Bounties until they reach Fontaine Reputation Level 2. To get there, they’ll need 450 Reputation points. The two available acts of the Archon Quest will reward 100 each, and they need to be completed before Reputation is unlocked anyway, so players will already have at least 200 points. The other 250 will need to come from world exploration and completing various World Quests, which are typically worth 20 points each.

Here’s how many points are needed between each level, and the rewards players will earn:

Reputation Level

Reputation Points Required

Total Reputation Points Accumulated








  • Fontaine Mining Outcrop Search
  • Fontaine Bounties
  • Fontaine Requests
  • Furnishing Blueprint: Distributed Forward Supply Depot
  • Furnishing Blueprint: Meka Luminaire: Radiant Countryside







  • Fontaine Merchant Discounts
  • Fruity Trio Recipe
  • Namecard: Fontaine: Wondrous Machine




  • Wind-Powered Wind Generator gadget




  • Vessie Chicken Recipe
  • Fontaine Genius Invokation TCG Card Back




  • Furnishing Blueprint: Court of Justice’s Leisure
  • Furnishing Blueprint: Court of Justice’s Prosperity




  • Crafting Diagram: Hydroculus Resonance Stone
  • Namecard: Fontaine: Big News




  • Crafting Diagram: Hydro Treasure Compass




  • Wings of Merciful, Wrathful Waters
  • Achievement: In Search of Frittered Time

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