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Fortnite Leaks Bizarre Twist on the Reboot Van | Games Rants


  • Leaks suggest that a Deboot Van may be coming to Fortnite soon, but its exact purpose is still uncertain. Fans are already speculating about its potential implications.
  • The Deboot Van has been found in Fortnite, but it appears to be a cosmetic element tied to the current season’s battle pass skin, Mae. Its function seems to be identical to the Reboot Van.
  • There is a possibility that the Deboot Van could become a more significant gameplay feature in the future, introducing new mechanics or challenges. The details of these potential features remain a mystery.

Leaks have revealed that a Deboot Van may be planned for Fortnite in the relatively near future. Fortnite players are likely more than familiar with the Reboot Van, a feature that allows squads to bring back an ally from the dead. What a Deboot version of the van might add to the battle royale isn’t clear, though the name has a certain wicked implication. Fans are already beginning to speculate, though it’s more than possible that the Deboot Van has a much simpler explanation than Fortnite players may think.

The Fortnite Reboot Van was introduced to the battle royale around four years ago. At the time, players believed Epic Games was introducing the feature because battle royale competitor Apex Legends employed something similar. The way it works in Fortnite is when a squadmate is eliminated, their teammates can pick up their Reboot Card. This card can be activated at a Reboot Van, which will bring the squadmate back into the action.

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A new version of the Reboot Van named the Deboot Van has been introduced to Fortnite. Leakers first discovered the van in Fortnite‘s files. It looks nearly identical to the Reboot Van in form, but has a unique color scheme. Instead of grey and blue like the Reboot Van, the Deboot Van is white and orange. Leakers at the time described the Deboot Van as an “Upcoming Feature,” though whether that’s accurate or not remains unclear.

What is clear is that the Deboot Van can already be found in Fortnite. It’s found in the northern part of Shady Stilts, and functionally it’s identical to the Reboot Van. This Deboot Van features the logo of one of the Chapter 4 Season 4 battle pass’ new skins, the cell-shaded Mae. Mae is a hacker, which ties into the tech setup found near the in-game Deboot Van. The implication is that the Deboot Van is just a cosmetic and thematic element trying into Mae’s role in the current season.

It’s still possible that Deboot Vans could be a bigger feature introduced to Fortnite later in the game. Mae’s season pass challenges won’t start for another month and a half. At that time, the Deboot Van could become a bigger part of the battle royale. Instead of just a fun cosmetic change to the Reboot Van, perhaps they’ll introduce a new gameplay feature to Fortnite.

What that Deboot Van feature could be, or if it exists at all, remains a mystery. Some Fortnite players think it could lead to the introduction of Deboot Cards, which could be used to prevent a player from respawning. Or there could be larger consequences, like a Deboot Van quest forcing players to respond lest they be debooted from the game by another team. It’ll be exciting to see what Epic Games has planned for this new take on the Reboot Van.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices.

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