Why Final Fantasy 16 Fans May Want to Keep an Eye on September 22 | Games Rants
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Why Final Fantasy 16 Fans May Want to Keep an Eye on September 22 | Games Rants


  • Final Fantasy 16 has resonated with fans as a departure from the usual RPG style, offering a complete experience with no DLC at launch.
  • Tokyo Game Show is likely to reveal news about upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy 16, given the game’s significance to Square Enix.
  • The potential for Final Fantasy 16 DLC includes exploring new storylines, characters, and regions, as well as providing character-centered episodes for a more immersive narrative experience.

Final Fantasy 16 has proven itself to be a hit for the storied gaming franchise. While FF16 was a huge departure for the series, jumping from the usual RPG style into action-RPG territory, the story of Clive and his friends’ battle to free their world from the effects of the Mothercrystals has resonated with fans. Final Fantasy 16 also offered its players a complete experience with no DLC prepared for its launch window, standing in stark contrast to Final Fantasy 15. While FF16 doesn’t need DLC to complete its story, fans are eager to revisit Valisthea, and recently, the developer confirmed that there would be some proper news about DLC before the end of the year.

While there are still a handful of gaming events left this year, fans of Final Fantasy have cause to anticipate news at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, running from September 21-24. Founded in 1996, Tokyo Game Show has been a long-standing institution in the industry and has hosted the reveals of many games and announcements. Final Fantasy developer Square Enix is scheduled to take the stage for two hours on the night of September 22. At its booth, the developer will be showing off Foamstars, Infinity Strash, Star Ocean The Second Story R, and Final Fantasy 14. The company’s plans for its showcase have only been vaguely detailed, but Final Fantasy 16 could be present.

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Final Fantasy 16 News Will Arrive Soon

final fantasy 16 jill warrick launch trailer

While Square Enix’s presentation line-up isn’t fully revealed, given the importance of Final Fantasy to the company, it would be surprising not to hear about at least one of the upcoming DLCs for Final Fantasy 16. At PAX West, producer Naoki Yoshida announced that Final Fantasy 16 will receive two DLC episodes as well as a PC port. Given the significance of Tokyo Game Show, it would be the perfect place to reveal some more information about upcoming content for the game. Square Enix has indicated that FF16 will be present in some way, so fans can expect some sort of news for the title.

Final Fantasy 16 DLC has a lot of territory it could explore, and with two episodes announced, the game has room to expand on Valisthea and its characters. One of the most glaring omissions from the base game is the Dominant of Leviathan the Lost. Exploring this storyline could let the game include new characters and regions, and right now, it seems like the most obvious choice for what a DLC could cover. FF16 DLC could also explore some of the game’s pre-existing cast in more depth. Characters like Jill and Dion are fearsome combatants with gaps in their stories that could be filled in new content for the game.

Final Fantasy 16 DLC Has A Lot Of Potential


Exploring the stories of other cast members could allow FF16 to place players in the shoes of characters other than Clive, similar to Final Fantasy 15‘s DLC. Each of the members of Noctis’ party got their own brief adventure which put players in control of them. These character-centered DLCs explored each character in new ways that wouldn’t have worked with the full party present, all while providing new context for the main story. Providing similar episodes for characters like Joshua and Cid could help to make players even more attached to the narrative of FF16. Final Fantasy 16 also has a 5-year time skip that a DLC episode could take place in.

Final Fantasy 16‘s story has a lot of potential for growth. While there is no guarantee that news about the game’s DLC or PC port will be at Tokyo Game Show, it seems very likely that fans of FF16 will receive news about what is next for the game on September 22. Regardless, Final Fantasy 16 DLC is on the way, and fans can expect updates before the end of the year.

Final Fantasy 16 is available now on PS5, and a PC port is in development.

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