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Final Fantasy 14 Fan Transcribes All Dialogue From the Original Game | Games Rants


  • A Final Fantasy 14 fan has painstakingly transcribed every line of dialogue from the original version of the game, allowing players to experience the story and content from that iteration.
  • Sounsyy’s impressive project consists of close to 1500 pages, making it longer than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • The transcription includes dialogue from various quests, gossip text, quotes, and newspaper articles, providing a comprehensive look into the lore and world of Final Fantasy 14.

A dedicated Final Fantasy 14 fan took it upon themselves to transcribe every possible line of dialogue from the original run of the game. This incredible passion project is one of the few places players can see many lines from the original incarnation of Final Fantasy 14.

Right now, Final Fantasy 14 is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. However, the game was originally released in 2010, albeit to heavy criticism. The first Final Fantasy 14 was so wrought with issues that Square Enix literally destroyed the world and started over in A Realm Reborn a few years later, making the story and content from the original game unplayable in the process.

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Now, Final Fantasy 14 lore expert and super fan Sounsyy has compiled all the dialogue from this original run of the game into a series of Google Docs. This project took years to complete and has only now been released to the public. Though plenty of other players have shared video playthroughs of the original Final Fantasy 14, Sounsyy’s collection includes every line of dialogue they could find in the entire game, from Main Scenario and side quest transcriptions to NPC gossip text and in-universe newspaper articles.

In total, Sounsyy’s Final Fantasy 14 transcription has close to 1500 pages–about 300 more pages than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  • The class and job quests consist of 346 pages of the transcript.
  • The Grand Company story quests take up 322 of its pages.
  • Final Fantasy 14’s original Main Scenario is 290 pages long.
  • Side quests contain 260 pages of dialogue.
  • NPC gossip text, quotes, newspaper articles, and other lore information take up 249 pages.

Sounsyy’s fellow Final Fantasy 14 fans were impressed by the work they put into this project. Legacy players who were around for the original game were eager to remind themselves of what happened back then, and others who joined after A Realm Reborn were excited to see more of their favorite Final Fantasy 14 characters and learn more about the world’s history.

This may be Sounsyy’s most ambitious project, but they have other tools Final Fantasy 14 fans might want to check out. They have been posting compilations of lore from in- and out-of-game sources for most of Final Fantasy 14’s lifespan on their personal Tumblr. Their dashboard is an invaluable resource for roleplayers and lore fanatics alike and is a fantastic place for Final Fantasy 14 fans to lose hours of time perusing.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5, with an Xbox Series X/S version launching in spring 2024.

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