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Things You Might Not Know About Faith Seed | Games Rants


  • Far Cry 5 brings refreshing changes to the Ubisoft formula with non-linear progression, fun exploration, and the absence of towers.
  • Faith Seed, an intriguing character in the game, is actually an adopted member of the Seed family and her real name is Rachel Jessop.
  • Faith had to endure torture and testing before being accepted into the Seed family, and Joseph sees her as a replacement for his deceased wife with disturbing implications.

Far Cry 5 is a game that served as a breath of fresh air after many people were getting tired of the Ubisoft formula. While the familiar open-world trappings are still present in this title, the game does bring its fair share of changes in the form of non-linear progression, fun exploration, and the lack of those blasted towers that makes things way more engaging.

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It helps that Far Cry 5 has its fair share of interesting antagonists that keep things pretty engaging in the long run, with Faith Seed being one of the members of this twisted family who uses her drug, Bliss, to torture the Deputy whenever he starts wreaking havoc in her region. This character is extremely fascinating, and there are a lot of facts surrounding her that most people aren’t aware of.

6 She’s Adopted And Her Real Name Is Rachel Jessop

Ubisoft Female Villains Faith Seed

Most people assume that Faith is the biological sibling of Joseph and the other members of the Seed family, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s actually an adopted member of this twisted cult, and the whereabouts of her real family are unknown.

Her real name is Rachel Jessop, but she abandoned her old name after becoming a part of her new family. She was hopelessly addicted to drugs at one point and believes the delusion that Joseph saved her from a grim fate, which may be true… but the manipulation involved in making her think that she was doing the right thing by drugging people with Bliss is an entirely different can of worms.

5 She Was Drugged And Tested By The Seed Family Before She Was Chosen To Be A Part Of the Family

Opening cinematic of the game, Jacob, John and Faith watch as Joseph is taken out of the church by the Deputy

Being a part of the Seed family wasn’t a simple endeavor by any stretch of the imagination. Players who were diligent and explored each and every corner of the game world discovered many notes and logs that detailed the torture she had to go through before Joseph and his siblings considered her to be a worthy part of the family.

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She was drugged with Bliss constantly and forced to deal with her withdrawal symptoms, with the family trying to break her mind and making her believe that she was on the path to salvation. Eventually, she believed this delusion and agreed to be a part of the Seed family and help their cult thrive even more.

4 Joseph Potentially Sees Her As A Replacement For His Own Deceased Wife

far cry joseph seed

Not a lot is known of Joseph’s wife, making her a mysterious figment of his past whose death potentially led him down such a dark path. One fact that fans can be assured of is that this cult leader considered her to be the very embodiment of ‘faith’ in his life, which is pretty telling indeed.

Clearly, despite Faith being his adoptive sister, Joseph saw her as a replacement for his wife. This has some disturbing connotations, although the ramifications of such a revelation have never been mentioned in the game or any accompanying material even once.

3 She’s Far From The Only Person To Use The ‘Faith’ Moniker

Faith leading the Deputy into The Bliss

The Faith Seed that players interact with in the game is far from the first person to have this name in the family. There have been other candidates who’ve had this name, such as a blonde woman named Selena, an unnamed brunette, and another person called Lana.

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It’s assumed that all of these ‘Faiths’ were disposed of since they outlived their usefulness for Joseph. Rachel is the only ‘Faith’ to have stuck around for so long because of her unwavering devotion to the Seed family.

2 She’s Absent From Far Cry Arcade Since She Has No Combat Animations


The Arcade Editor in Far Cry 5 is a great way to enjoy some fan-made content for the game, featuring a wealth of community maps and challenges that are pretty engaging in their own right. While most of the villains from the game can be picked in the editor to spice up these encounters, one notable exclusion is Faith Seed.

This makes sense — Faith doesn’t have any combat animations in the game barring the motion she makes while firing off a Bliss Ball during the final encounter against her. As a result, adding her to Far Cry Arcade would be a waste.

1 She Uses A Handgun In The Far Cry 6 DLC

Faith Seed in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 6 was a massive disappointment for fans of the series who expected the game to be an evolution of what made its predecessor such a massive success. However, the copy-paste design and forgettable characters led to the game feeling totally uninspired and a step down in many ways.

The DLCs of this game were aimed at people who were nostalgic about the game and its past, with Joseph: Collapse letting players fight against this family once again. In this DLC, Faith Seed uses a handgun in her boss fights, implying that this was the weapon she used to actually hurt the player during her Bliss-fueled encounters against the Deputy.

Far Cry 5 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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