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How To Pick The Best Replacement Drivers | Games Rants

As a Team Principle in Frontier Development’s F1 Manager 2023, players are responsible for managing all aspects of a Formula 1 team, from car development and race strategy to the management of staff and drivers. One critical aspect of ensuring a team’s longevity is to ensure that a capable pool of young, talented drivers are always on the radar to step in and replace a current driver if necessary.

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In order to secure these drivers, players will have to ensure that their Scouts are active and assessing from the roster of available drivers across all categories. Having a rough idea of the driver’s current contract will give players a reasonable estimate as to how much money it will cost to sign them. Once this has been completed, players will then have to keep developing the driver to ensure their skills are at the required level.

Scouting & Development

F1 manager 23 Replacement Drivers Scouting

In order to assess the comparative skills of an available driver, it will first be necessary to assign a scout to look into them. Scouting can take up to 30 days or more depending on how much detail players wish to receive about a given candidate. This will provide a summary of their abilities and statistics, which can be compared to any current or reserve drivers, as well as any other recently viewed candidates, by selecting the Compare Drivers button.

If a driver is operating a reserve role for the team, it is worth investing in upgrading their Simulator and giving them plenty of run-outs during first practise each race weekend. This will ensure that their skills quickly develop and that they will be performing to a required standard as soon as they take one of the main seats. It is also sometimes possible to invest in youth development right the way down to Formula 3 by sponsoring young drivers. This can be done whenever the player receives an email proposition asking for development sponsorship funds.

Negotiation & Contracts

F1 manager 23 Replacement Drivers Contracts

When viewing a driver’s profile, their willingness to negotiate a contract will be displayed. Drivers who have newly secured long-term contracts at top teams will be much less willing to negotiate than those in slightly less stable seats or young up-and-comers from the lower divisions. It can also be worth checking out the reserve drivers for other teams, since many of the game’s best young drivers are to be found here.

Players will then need to offer a proposed role and salary to the potential signing. Once again, drivers who are less willing to negotiate, or may see the move as a downgrade from their current team, will need to be persuaded with higher salaries and more bonuses. Players can also determine the start date for the contract, making it much easier to plan seasons in advance with a driver line-up already in place. This process also applies for hiring Technical Chiefs and any other lead members of staff. Once a driver has been hired, they will join in their specified role at the allocated time on their contract, which is usually and the beginning/end of a season, or during the mid-season interval.

F1 Manager 2023 is out now and available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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