An Elden Ring Fan Has Broken The Game’s Playtime Counter | Games Rants
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An Elden Ring Fan Has Broken The Game’s Playtime Counter | Games Rants


  • Elden Ring features a vast open world with tons of content, leading to playthroughs that can take over 50 or even 100 hours to complete.
  • One fan has reached the maximum playtime visible in the game, with the in-game timer capping out at 999:59:59.
  • Comments from other players suggest that the fan should take a break from the game and spend time in the real world, as 1000 hours on a single character is absurd.

One Elden Ring fan has managed to break its playtime counter, as they have hit the maximum possible playing time visible in the game. Elden Ring features a vast open world filled with content, and users will keep unlocking new regions as they go through the main quest. As there are a ton of areas to explore in Elden Ring, it can take players over 50 or even 100 hours to finish one playthrough.

Some gamers also decide to start a New Game+ run, allowing them to play Elden Ring again with their leveled up character. A few players take this opportunity to take revenge on early-game bosses in Elden Ring, as they have manage to completely destroy enemies that had given them trouble during the first run. Elden Ring keeps track of how many hours gamers have spent in its world, and one fan recently managed to reach the maximum possible playtime.

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A Reddit user named Shalhadra found out that the in-game timer in Elden Ring caps out at 999:59:59, so the number of hours they spend in the game beyond this point will not be added to the timer. The player appears surprised at the timer not going to 1,000 hours, while also wondering if something was broken in their copy of Elden Ring. It seems like Shalhadra is playing on PS5, so they can also check their total hours on the console’s home menu.

Users in the comments section confirm that there is a limit to Elden Ring’s timer, with many players jokingly recommending that Shalhadra spend time in the real world. One fans asks Shalhadra how they didn’t get bored for so long, prompting them to confirm that they spent a lot of time in the multiplayer component of Elden Ring. Some users also have a discussion on how much time they should be spending on games daily, with a few players arguing that two hours a day is not that much.

One fan also wonders how Shalhadra hasn’t reached the level cap in Elden Ring, as the image shows that they are at level 471, which is pretty far from the maximum of 713. In addition to comments on the in-game timer, many fans seem fixated on Shalhadra’s character, as it looks like they have created Ciri from The Witcher 3 in Elden Ring. Overall, though, most users echo the idea that Shalhadra should take a break from the game.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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