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5 Easiest Pokemon Games, Ranked | Games Rants


  • Pokemon
    games have gotten easier with each release, prioritizing playability and comfort for new players.

  • Pokemon GO
    Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee
    are particularly accessible and casual experiences.

  • Pokemon Sword/Shield
    Pokemon Scarlet/Violet
    continue the trend of easier games, with features like easy capture and unchallenging AI.

If players want to be the very best, like no one ever was, then they might want to start with the easiest Pokemon games on the market. The best Pokemon games have been and gone through multiple generations and regions, but the general consensus of Pokemon games seems to confirm that the games are getting easier with each release. For the sake of playability and comfort of new players, the easiest Pokemon games will be ranked in accordance with their difficulty rather than preference.

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There is nothing wrong with enjoying an easy Pokemon game, and it’s worth noting that these titles in particular stand out in the franchise for their easy gameplay, and the ability to have players always on the winning side of a battle. Whether it’s simplified mechanics, quick fun, or just a Pokemon game that doesn’t destroy the player, these are the best Pokemon games for those looking for an easy time.

6 Pokemon GO


For many, Pokemon GO is the most accessible Pokemon game to date. Anyone with a mobile can download Pokemon GO, and it’s a great starting point for discovering the joys of Pokemon and catching them all. The gameplay isn’t as exciting as the other mainline Pokemon games, but it certainly deserves recognition for its use of AR gameplay, in which players can combine the real world with the Pokemon one.

The objective of Pokemon GO is to walk around, discovering Pokemon that emerge from the app, only to click them and try and catch them with different types of Pokeballs. There is a lack of combat unless players embark on Raids and Battles, but it’s just a fun and casual experience for all.

5 Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee


Another more casual Pokemon game to be enjoyed by a new audience is the Pokemon: Let’s Go series, which was a remake of the original 1998 Pokemon Yellow. These remakes were released in 2018 and were dedicated to a more casual experience, whilst still having the look and feel that many love from the classic Pokemon adventures of Game Boy RPGs of the time.

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What makes Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee such an easy experience is the fact that when Pokemon are in battle, they seem to go for the easiest and lightest attack. It seems that every character involved in Pokemon: Let’s Go wants to ensure the easiest time for the player, meaning difficulty is stranded.

4 Pokemon Omega Ruby / Sapphire

Exploring the world in Pokemon Omega Ruby

Another remake to hit the shelves was Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Omega Sapphire. These remakes spurned from the 2002 iterations of Ruby and Sapphire were highly anticipated by fans, but underwhelmed by those old-school players that just saw the game as far too easy. The remake included an Experience Share mechanic that just helped every Pokemon in the party level up without the need to use them.

On top of the Experience Share, the Mega Evolutions that players could use were extremely overpowered, and a lack of balancing meant that players could easily wipe out opponents in quick swoops. The game also gives players Legendary Pokemon simply by playing the game with no incentive to go out and explore.

3 Pokemon X / Y

Ramos exclaims happily to the player character within his gym

As Pokemon once again evolved into a new generation with Pokemon X and Y, new mechanics were had to keep the game interesting and above its predecessors. However, these new mechanics came at the cost of its difficulty scaling, as many desired a more challenging Pokemon game, and one that X and Y failed to deliver due to its easy scaling.

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Once again, Pokemon X and Y featured Experience Share and Mega Evolutions that just made the game much easier than the developers most likely anticipated. Players could also receive some pretty great Mega Pokemon that would further their adventures into an easy bout of high and easy level system, ensuring that every Pokemon received XP and better moves to stomp through the competition.

2 Pokemon Sword / Shield

pokemon sword and shield pangoro

One of the latest entries into the Pokemon franchise was Pokemon Sword and Shield, which featured on the new powerhouse Nintendo Switch console. As a new Pokemon experience on the Nintendo Switch, expectations were high for Pokemon Sword and Shield. As the newest entry on the Switch system, it was also a relatively easy experience for players that hadn’t played a Pokemon game before.

The game takes players into the 8th generation of Pokemon games and brings both the good and the bad. In Sword and Shield, players might notice that they can seemingly break the economy, as players will receive an absurd amount of money that will make buying potions, revives, and Pokeballs near endless. On top of that, players can easily capture Pokemon that are better than their current level, and the AI doesn’t use the most competent battle strategy.

1 Pokemon Scarlet / Violet


Another new era emerges for the Pokemon franchise with the recent release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The latest Gen 9 Pokemon game continued the trend of Pokemon games getting easier with each release. Although the game promises that the world of Pokemon has evolved, the series has only found itself getting easier, even if the settings of Scarlet and Violet are all the more immersive than previous titles.

The easiest factor of Scarlet and Violet comes from the fact that enemies are not scaled, meaning players can easily find themselves in areas that are too easy, or too hard depending on their level. With this, comes the price of freedom of exploration, as although players can go anywhere, and are encouraged to, it’s somewhat frowned upon as to not mess with the linear order. The game also suffers somewhat from ambitious yet broken mechanics.

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