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Dying Light 2’s New DL Points Explained | Games Rants


  • In-game stores have become common in video games, including single-player titles like Dying Light 2, despite not being necessary for gameplay.
  • Dying Light 2 has introduced a new virtual currency called DL Points, which can be used to purchase cosmetic items in the in-game store.
  • The introduction of DL Points allows players to stay in the game and makes it easier for developers to list new bundles, with the incentive of cheaper prices for bundles purchased with DL Points.

In-game stores have become a prevalent part of the video game landscape, even finding their way into single-player titles that really don’t need them. While DLC and expansions have been around for decades now, in-game stores are something wholly different. Rather than letting players buy a new story campaign or invest in a set of new mechanics and features, in-game stores often just sell cosmetic items, most of which usually don’t have any bearing on the gameplay itself. Even though it’s primarily a single-player experience, Dying Light 2 follows a live-service model, and has its own in-game store.

Back in February 2022, Dying Light 2 didn’t make a huge splash on release, but it has garnered a sizable following since, and developer Techland has stayed true to its word by continuing to release post-launch updates. New weapons, new outfits, new missions, new enemies, and more have all come to Dying Light 2 after launch. A good few of those can be bought from Dying Light 2‘s in-game shop, which is getting its own virtual currency.

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Explaining Dying Light 2’s New DL Points Currency

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A few weeks ago, Dying Light 2 developer Techland announced that it would be adding a new currency to the game simply called “DL Points.” These DL Points will function pretty similarly to just about any other virtual video game currency out there, like Fortnite‘s V-Bucks or Call of Duty: Warzone‘s CoD Points. Players will head to Dying Light 2‘s main menu, click on the store button, select how many DL Points they want, pay for them, and use them in the same store.

There are several reasons Techland has introduced this new currency system to Dying Light 2. The first reason is that it keeps the player in the game. Before, players needed to exit Dying Light 2, navigate their way to their respective platform’s storefront, purchase the desired bundle, and load up the game again. Now, they can do it all from the comfort of Dying Light 2‘s main menu. Techland’s other primary reason is that it makes its job much easier, reducing any time needed to list new bundles on every platform.

To incentivize players to use this new currency system, Techland is promising that bundles purchased with DL Points will technically be cheaper than if they were just bought via the storefront. While players will still be able to purchase the vast majority of Dying Light 2‘s cosmetic bundles through most storefronts, those on PlayStation will be forced to use the new currency system, as these bundles are being removed from the PS Store the moment DL Points are added to Dying Light 2. Techland has also stated that its eventual goal is to shift all bundles to Dying Light 2‘s in-game store, likely meaning that any new cosmetic bundles that come to the game probably won’t be available through other storefronts.

Dying Light 2‘s new DL Points currency is set to come to the game with its next update, which doesn’t currently have a release date. On launch, Techland will be giving players 500 DL Points for free as a way to encourage them to try out this new system, and see its benefits first-hand. With Dying Light 2 following a live-service model quite closely, an addition of virtual currency isn’t too much of a surprise. In the long term, it could end up benefiting those who are still playing the game, though some fans remain skeptical.

Dying Light 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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