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Disney Dreamlight Valley Accidentally Reveals Next Dream Bundle | Games Rants


  • Disney Dreamlight Valley accidentally revealed an upcoming Dream Bundle focused on Ursula, which allows players to transform her into a human form for freer exploration.
  • Currently, only players who have bought a Founder’s Pack or own Xbox Game Pass can access the game, but it will eventually become free-to-play.
  • Some fans are upset about the addition of microtransactions before the official release, but players can earn in-game currency, Moonstones, through the DreamSnaps feature to unlock the new pack without spending real money.

Disney Dreamlight Valley accidentally revealed an upcoming Dream Bundle, focused on Ursula. At the moment, only gamers who have purchased a Founder’s Pack or own an Xbox Game Pass subscription can play Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game will eventually go free-to-play, but for now, players must meet one of these requirements in order to get early access. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been fully launched, Disney Dreamlight Valley has already introduced several types of products that players can obtain with the game’s currency, Moonstones. Some fans believed that the addition of microtransactions to Disney Dreamlight before its official release was a bad move.

Nevertheless, fans can acquire all sorts of unique items if they’re willing to spend some Moonstones. Gamers can use them in the Premium Shop; they can also get the Star Path; and more recently, Dream Bundles were also added to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Even though some players were happy to know that they could create a deeper connection with their favorite villagers and unlock themed cosmetics, others felt upset that Gameloft had decided to lock content behind a paywall.

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Despite this, another Dream Bundle seems to be set to release in an upcoming game update. Janaanastasia, a member of the Disney Dreamlight Valley subreddit, shared an image of a notification that popped up when they opened the game; this notification promoted a Dream Bundle called Ursula’s Transformation Dream Bundle, which appeared to be accidently revealed by the developer.

According to the post, this Dream Bundle will take a completely different approach to Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamStyles, which had always just been regular character skins. This time around, it appears that players who purchase the pack and complete its quests will be able to put Ursula in a Vanessa DreamStyle. This will give her a human form, and she will be able to walk the valley freely without being limited to wandering around its bodies of water.

When the Dapper Wall-E Dream Bundle was released, most of the community agreed that the prices for these packs were high, and a player even compared them to EA’s Sims 4 expansion packs. Thankfully, the DreamSnaps feature made it much easier for gamers to unlock Moonstones for free. Players can now unlock Moonstones on a weekly basis by voting and participating in DreamSnaps photography contests. This way, gamers who want to acquire the new pack can simply save up their Moonstones and then purchase Ursula’s Transformation Dream Bundle without having to spend any real money on it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now in early access on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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