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How to Unlock Moana (How Far You’ll Go Quest Guide) | Games Rants

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  • How to Start and Complete “After the Storm”
  • How to Start and Complete “How Far You’ll Go”

Moana is one of the first characters players of Disney Dreamlight Valley can invite to move into the village. During the game’s introductory quests, the player is led to the magnificent Dream Castle that towers over the valley. The Dream Castle houses an assortment of locked doors, each leading to a magical realm themed to a classic Disney universe.

At the game’s start, the player has access to just three realms: the Moana realm, the WALL-E realm, and the Ratatouille realm. The player can unlock the first realm of their choosing at no cost, but subsequent realm openings will require 3,000 Dreamlight. Here’s how players can complete Moana’s quests in her realm and unlock Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Start and Complete “After the Storm”

Meeting Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Upon first entering the Moana realm, players will be greeted by the titular character herself. Moana is traveling the waters seeking an appropriate fishing location for her village, but her boat has become stuck ashore, and she’s in need of assistance. Moana asks for the player’s help in repairing her damaged canoe in her first quest, “After the Storm.”

The primary materials needed for this repair job are 8 Wood and 3 Silk. To find Wood, players should roam the small island; it can be found lying on the ground, blending with the natural scenery. For Silk, the process is a bit more involved. Players should keep an eye out for sparkling spots on the island ground. These sparkles signify the presence of buried Silk, which can be acquired by digging with the Royal Shovel at these specific locations.

After the Storm Moana quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

After collecting the 8 pieces of Wood and 3 balls of Silk, players will need to return to Moana. However, before moving on to her next quest, “How Far You’ll Go,” another quest stands as a prerequisite: “The Great Maui.” In “The Great Maui” quest, players are introduced to the realm’s resident demigod Maui. Maui will upgrade the player’s Royal Pickaxe, allowing the player to utilize it to assist Moana in getting her canoe out of its stuck position. After completing this short quest, Moana’s second and final realm quest will unlock.

How to Start and Complete “How Far You’ll Go”

Moana's Map in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once “The Great Maui” is finished, and Moana’s canoe has been repaired, the next quest, “How Far You’ll Go,” becomes available. Moana hands the player a Strange Map Memory which, when used, unlocks a visual memory depicting a map. Moana indicates that she’s been hindered by a mysterious mist in her explorations and tasks the player with finding a way through, so she can reach the areas she believes will have ample fishing for her village.

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Moana's quest How Far You'll Go in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The player can then speak with Moana to travel to four different locations within the Moana realm: the Wrecked Boat, the Sea Stack, Small Islands, and the Coral Reef. In the Coral Reef area, players will discover a torch resting against a rock. This torch is the key to dispersing the mist that has been blocking Moana’s path. After acquiring the torch and handing it over to Moana, she can finally guide the canoe through the previously obstructive mist.

Albino Tuna quest item in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Beyond the mist, players will encounter an orange ripple pool which they need to fish within to catch an Albino Tuna. Once caught, the player should present their catch to Moana. Satisfied with the fishing at this location, Moana agrees to move into Dreamlight Valley.

Moana's House in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Players will then need to place Moana’s Fale within the valley and, after the payment of Scrooge McDuck’s construction fee, Moana officially becomes a permanent resident of Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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