Destiny 2 Player Points Out Eerie Similarity Between Eris and Savathun | Games Rants
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Destiny 2 Player Points Out Eerie Similarity Between Eris and Savathun | Games Rants


  • Eris Morn’s transformation into a Hive god has caused her to cast a shadow similar to Savathun, raising concerns among players.
  • Players have noticed similarities between Eris Morn’s presence in Savathun’s Throne World and the appearance of Savathun herself.
  • Speculation is growing about the potential growth of Eris Morn’s power.

The latest season of Destiny 2 has seen Eris Morn undergo a dramatic transformation after tapping directly into the Hive’s power, and one player has taken notice of one aspect that bears an eerie similarity to Savathun as a result. Hive gods’ presence casts a looming shadow, whether it’s in the physical world or their Throne World, to serve as a constant reminder of the threat they pose. Eris becoming a Hive god has seen her cast a similar shadow that is visible to players in a way similar to Savathun’s Throne World.

Season of the Witch is the current season of Destiny 2, picking up shortly after Season of the Deep as the Vanguard is forced to seek Savathun’s aid in trying to enter The Witness’ portal on The Traveler. Before she can be resurrected, though, her ghost Immaru asks the guardians to deal with Xivu Arath as the Hive god of war’s campaign into the Sol System has been getting more aggressive. Eris Morn volunteers to deal with Xivu Arath by transforming into the new Hive god of vengeance and asks players, serving as her acolytes, for tithes to gain enough strength to directly challenge Savathun’s sister.

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While the extent of Eris Morn’s new powers isn’t clear, she already has enough power to make her presence known within Savathun’s Throne World in a way similar to the Witch Queen as one player noticed. Reddit user Nickles_n_Dimes pointed out how the three large stars in the Athenaeum space, which appear similar to Eris’ eyes, also bear an eerie resemblance to Savathun’s shade in the Altar of Reflection. It is enough to leave Nickles_n_Dimes concerned about what the immediate future has in store for the Vanguard’s go-to Hive expert.

Other users echoed Nickles_n_Dimes’ sentiment, adding that it may be worth watching the stars in the Athenaeum to see if there are any changes over the course of the season. One popular theory on the thread was that the “eyes” could take shape over the course of Season of the Witch, with it growing to resemble Eris as a reflection of her growing power.

Given some of the seasonal lore hints Savathun planned for this potential outcome, the similarities between Eris and the Witch Queen may not come as a surprise to some players. However, it may be worth keeping an eye on the newly-crowned Hive god of vengeance as the season progresses, as it is still unclear what effects the transformation may have on her and what role Savathun could play in it.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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