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Destiny 2 Usable Enemy Weapon Tier List | Games Rants


  • Vex Mythoclast is a fusion rifle that feels more like an auto rifle and can be upgraded for extra damage. It’s a combination of Vex Goblins and Vex Hobgoblins’ rifles.
  • Ex Diris is a new Arc grenade launcher that lets players generate Hive Lunar Moths. It’s great for crowd control and deals high damage, but accuracy can be inconsistent.
  • Skyburner’s Oath is a scout rifle that can penetrate Cabal shields, but it’s not particularly special compared to other legendary scout rifles in the game.

With Destiny 2‘s arsenal of Exotic weaponry constantly expanding with new weapons as well as returning weapons from the original Destiny, the franchise’s Exotic weapon catalog is massive. Destiny 2 even gives the “if you can’t beat them, join them” trope a spin with a few weapons that are adapted versions of enemy weapons throughout the game.

A complete list of what is considered usable enemy weapons in Destiny 2 is somewhat up for interpretation since a wide variety of weapons include craft skills or influence from forces of the Darkness, like the Weapons of Sorrow. With this in mind, Destiny 2 still has a few particular Exotic weapons that are immediately and unanimously recognizable as the ones used by standard enemies.

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destiny age of triumph vex mythoclast

While the Vex Mythoclast is classified as a fusion rifle, it feels more like an auto rifle with an alternate firing mode that behaves like a linear fusion rifle. This weapon is a combination of the rifles used by both Vex Goblins and Vex Hobgoblins. With Vex Mythoclast’s Exotic Catalyst, the standard full-auto mode for this weapon gets a temporary boost to damage, accuracy, and stability after scoring kills, although the weapon is plenty powerful even without this upgrade.



With this weapon, players can finally give the infamous Hive “boomer” Knights a taste of their own medicine. Ex Diris is currently the latest usable enemy weapon added to Destiny 2, which became available in the Season Pass from Season of the Witch. This Arc grenade launcher features a bottomless magazine and a way for players to generate their own Hive Lunar Moths. With the Exotic Catalyst upgrade for the Ex Diris, players can even Amplify themselves upon getting kills with this weapon. The projectiles fired from Ex Diris are great for crowd control, and they deal exceptional damage upon direct hits, though the inconsistent accuracy of this weapon makes it hard to hit small, distant, or moving targets.

B Tier


Part of what makes this weapon special is that it’s a scout rifle with full-auto and the ability to penetrate Cabal shields, but many legendary scout rifles can do both of these while meanwhile freeing up a slot for a separate Exotic weapon. If Skyburner’s Oath had a boost to other shields in the game beyond those from Cabal Phalanxes, like Barrier Champions, this weapon might deserve some praise, but as it stands, this weapon isn’t anything too special. With certain scout rifles like the ritual weapons and some of the raid weapons in Destiny 2 being as good as they are, Skyburner’s Oath doesn’t quite hold up to its competition – although it saw its time in the limelight with the launch of Solar 3.0.


Destiny 2 Titan With Grand Overture And Loreley Splendor Helmet

The Queenbreaker is the signature weapon of Fallen Vandals and was found in the quest to hunt Scorn Baron known as Pirrha, The Rifleman. This weapon doesn’t have the “God Roll” perks that the current best linear fusion rifles have, but it still packs a punch. Like most linear fusion rifles, the Queenbreaker is still a decent choice for both PvE and PvP, which makes it especially fun in Destiny 2‘s Gambit hybrid game mode. Unlike most linear fusion rifles though, the Queenbreaker is capable of blinding and chaining damage to nearby enemies. Out of all the usable enemy weapons in Destiny 2, this is currently the only one that doesn’t have an Exotic Catalyst.

Most of the weapons in Destiny 2 that have alternate firing modes are considerably powerful, and Grand Overture is no exception to this trend. This heavy machine gun belongs to Cabal Centurions and allows players to rapidly fire heavy Arc slugs as well as Arc mini-rockets. Grand Overture’s Exotic Catalyst upgrades the mini-rockets fired from this weapon by giving them chain-reaction explosions and the ability to blind targets.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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