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When to Expect Death Stranding 2 News | Games Rants


  • The release of new information on Death Stranding 2 has been slow, leaving fans eagerly anticipating any updates on its progress.
  • A major update for Death Stranding 2 could be announced at this year’s Game Awards, similar to how the sequel was first revealed at the previous Game Awards.
  • There is pressure for Death Stranding 2 to live up to the unique and thought-provoking nature of the first game, and fans hope for teaser trailers and new footage to be showcased at the Game Awards.

To say that new information on Death Stranding 2 has been kept secretive is a bit of an understatement. As Hideo Kojima’s first game after parting ways with Konami, Death Stranding has reached many milestones since its 2019 release, and its anticipated sequel has some fans wondering when any new information will be given regarding its progress. It was a long wait for Death Stranding to be released after it was first announced in 2016, and it seems as though that might also be the case for Death Stranding 2; however, this year could entail a major update for the sequel.

There has been a lot of speculation on what to expect from Kojima Productions in 2023, and when it comes to news on Death Stranding 2, it may be best to look back at previous announcements as a guide. The sequel was first announced last December at the 2022 Game Awards with a jaw-dropping cinematic trailer that brought up a lot more questions than answers when it comes to what the sequel’s plot could possibly entail. However, a new update could come in a similar form as the sequel’s initial announcement.

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When News on Death Stranding 2 is Most Likely to Arrive


Knowing the secretive nature of Hideo Kojima, news on Death Stranding 2 could honestly come any day, but there is one specific moment this year that will likely make the most sense to offer an update on the game. There were expectations to see some small morsel of news during PlayStation’s showcase back in May or during the Summer Game Fest, but neither event provided an update. Despite the disappointment from many fans who were expecting some news, the end of this year is rife with possibility.

This year’s Game Awards are on December 7, and this would be a perfect window of opportunity for Kojima Productions to drop some new information about the elusive sequel. Since the sequel was announced at last year’s Game Awards, it only makes sense for more news to be given to fans at the very place it was initially revealed. Death Stranding 2 arguably has more mystery surrounding it than the first game, and one of the biggest events of the year for games would be the most logical time to shed some light on the sequel’s secrets.

There is a lot of pressure on Death Stranding 2 to live up to the first game. Although Death Stranding wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, most would agree that it was incredibly unique. Many Kojima fans have a lot of hope for this sequel to be just as strange and thought-provoking as the first, and if the announcement trailer was any indication, there is a lot to look forward to with Death Stranding 2. There were several teaser trailers leading up to the release of the first Death Stranding, so it would only make sense for Kojima Productions to have a lineup of trailers teasing Death Stranding 2 just as much as the first game, and saving one for the year’s biggest gaming event would be the perfect place to showcase new footage.

The months of silence following Death Stranding 2’s announcement has left a fertile plane for rumors to grow, with some even suggesting Keanu Reeves may join DS2. It can be tiring for fans to sit around and speculate, but it can also be exciting to ponder on what surprises lay ahead for upcoming titles. There isn’t any guarantee that Kojima Productions will provide any updates on Death Stranding 2 at this year’s Game Awards, but it would be surprising if the event passed by with no mention of such an anticipated project.

Death Stranding 2 is currently in development for PS5.

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