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Dead by Daylight’s Alien DLC Explained | Games Rants


  • Dead By Daylight’s most recent DLC features a crossover with the Alien franchise, bringing in a new killer, survivor, and exclusive outfit.
  • The Xenomorph, the newest killer in Dead By Daylight, has a unique ability called “Hidden Pursuit” that allows it to move quickly and ambush survivors.
  • The DLC also introduces Control Stations and Flame Turrets that survivors can use to defend against the Xenomorph, as well as the iconic character Ellen Ripley, a Survivor who comes with her own set of unique perks.

Since its release all the way back in 2016, Dead By Daylight has been the king of the asymmetrical multiplayer horror market, and though a good few have tried to take its crown, none have managed to stand the test of time. On top of its addictive double-sided gameplay loop, Dead By Daylight has managed to stay at the top of the pack by crossing over with a number of popular horror franchises, encompassing all aspects of the horror pop-culture sphere, from fellow video games to beloved movies. And Dead By Daylight‘s most recent crossover may be its best yet.

Available now, Dead By Daylight‘s most recent DLC sees it cross over with the Alien franchise, paying particular homage to the first two, and best, movies in the series. For around $12, players can grab a new killer, new survivor, and an exclusive outfit, all based on the Alien franchise. But those aren’t the only tricks Dead By Daylight‘s Alien DLC has up its sleeve.

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What’s Coming to Dead By Daylight With the Alien DLC


Available either individually or as part of the Alien Chapter bundle, Dead By Daylight‘s most recent DLC comes with both a brand-new killer and survivor, each of course coming with their own set of unique perks and abilities. Starting with the star of the show herself, Dead By Daylight‘s newest killer – the Xenomorph – may be one of its most complex to date. Officially ranked by Behaviour at a Medium difficulty, the Xenomorph has a relatively simple ability, but it has the potential to be extremely tough to go up against.

Named “Hidden Pursuit,” the Xenomorph’s special ability sees it enter a Runner state, where it runs along the ground on all fours. In this Runner state, the Xenomorph is much faster than usual, and its Terror Radius is reduced significantly, allowing it to get the drop on unsuspecting survivors. In this Runner state, the Xenomorph can also access a special tail attack, which apparently hits over windows and even dropped pallets. The Xenomorph comes with three unique perks, “Ultimate Weapon,” “Rapid Brutality,” and “Alien Instinct,” all of which focus on the killer’s speed and awareness.

The presence of the Xenomorph also caused seven Control Stations to appear across the map. The Xenomorph can use these Control Stations to access hidden tunnels beneath the map. When the Xenomorph reemerges from a tunnel, any survivor in a close radius of the Station is revealed briefly by Killer Instinct. However, survivors aren’t left defenseless against the Xenomorph’s all-powerful attacks. Control Stations also house a number of Flame Turrets. Players can move and place these wherever they choose, and when the Xenomorph approaches, the Flame Turret will warn the survivors with a classic Alien motion-tracking noise, getting more frequent the closer the Xenomorph is. When in range, the turret will fire at the Xenomorph, and successful hits will force the Xenomorph out of its Runner state, though the turret is then left damaged and in need of repair.

Sigourney Weaver’s iconic space-faring badass Ellen Ripley is also included in the Dead By Daylight Alien DLC, also coming with her own set of unique perks that feature some delightful references to the source material. “Lucky Star” stops Ripley bleeding after entering a locker, and gives her a quick glance at her teammates’ auras. “Chemical Trap” lets Ripley booby trap pallets, and “Light-Footed” allows Ripley’s running footsteps to be completely silent. While players will need to pay for both Ripley and the Xenomorph, everyone will have access to the brand new Nostromo Wreckage map, which sees the iconic space freighter from the first movie downed on a mysterious alien planet.

Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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