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  • What is Ripley Allowed To Use?

Dead by Daylight’s impressive collection of licensed chapters just continues to expand. The iconic Xenomorph joined the game as a deadly killer alongside Ellen Ripley as their Alien-themed chapter’s survivor – an addition to the game that fans have been wishing for.

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The new chapter came with several new achievements of varying difficulty. Adept achievements are always a staple of new chapters – they task survivors with escaping a trial while using their character’s three unique perks – and only those three perks. This guide will help players understand Ellen Ripley’s unique perks, the situations they shine in, and things they should avoid to boost their chances of survival and escape.

What is Ripley Allowed To Use?

Survivors’ adept achievements can seem daunting for players who aren’t used to the world of Dead by Daylight achievement hunting. They aren’t entirely luck-based, however; survivors have an arsenal of items and add-ons that can make escaping much easier.

What’s allowed:

Item Types

What do they do?


– Allows players to heal themselves – Increases healing speed


– (Purple quality or better) Unlocks the hatch – Tracks the killer’s aura with the Blood Amber add-on – Tracks other survivors with the Gold Token add-on


– Unlocks the ‘sabotage’ action to temporarily break hooks – Increases generator repair speed


– Allows players to temporarily blind the killer – If the killer is carrying a survivor when blinded, they drop the survivor – Immediately cancels The Legion’s Feral Frenzy power – Blinds The Nemesis’ zombies for several seconds – Prevents The Shape and The Ghostface from stalking


– Reveals auras of generators – (Ultra Rare version only) Reveals aura of the hatch and exit gate levers

The items above are useful in different scenarios. Medkits are highly recommended if playing solo, while toolboxes are recommended for survivors playing with friends, and maps can help newer players get familiar with the game’s many maps. These items can usually be found in chests, too, so finding them in the blood web isn’t strictly necessary.

All item add-ons are also allowed and bringing them is highly recommended to increase items’ usefulness.

How to make survivors’ adept achievements easier

  • Bring friends Use the ‘Survive with Friends’ feature to squad up and communicate for an easier escape.
  • Upgrade perks – Many blood points are required, but this will greatly increase the perks’ usefulness.
  • Map offerings – Stack the odds in survivors’ favor by bringing an offering to visit maps like the Dead Dawg Saloon that have many places to hide.

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What’s NOT allowed?

Comparatively, the off-limits list is actually quite small.

  • Non-unique perks – Survivors may find it hard to part with Windows of Opportunity and other meta perks, but only Ripley’s three unique perks are allowed.
  • A fourth perk – Even with all three of Ripley’s perks equipped, players can’t bring a fourth.

What are Ripley’s perks?

As of a recent Dead by Daylight update, players will need to prestige Ripley at least once to unlock her perks for all other survivors at tier 1. Prestiging Ripley three times will unlock her perks for all other survivors at tier 3. Like all the game’s survivors, Ripley brings three new perks to the game – alongside an adorable cat and hatred for aliens.

Lucky Star

Ellen Ripley dead by daylight lucky star perk

What does Lucky Star do?

While injured, hiding inside a locker suppresses grunts of pain and pools of blood for 10 seconds. Leaving the locker reveals the auras of all other survivors and the closest generator for 10 seconds. This perk goes on cooldown for 40 seconds – this is reduced to 35 seconds at tier 2, and caps out at 30 seconds at tier 3.

What is Lucky Star good for?

Information – after successfully evading the killer, hopping in and out of a locker can help show a survivor where their teammates are for a quick heal. Knowing where the closest generator is can also help when players are unfamiliar with a map.

What is Lucky Star bad at?

Killers like The Dredge and The Huntress are constantly checking lockers as part of their power, and trying to use this perk during a chase will quickly see players carried off without hope of escape. Lucky Star also encourages Ripley players to adopt a passive play-style, which may annoy their teammates enough to stop healing them.

Chemical Trap

dead by daylight ellen ripley chemical trap perk

What does Chemical Trap do?

At tier 1, the player repairing 70% of any generator grants them the ability to ‘trap’ a fallen pallet. In tiers 2 and 3, they only need to repair 60% or 50% of a generator respectively. The trap is then active for 100 seconds at tier 1 and 110 seconds at tier 2, peaking at 120 seconds at tier 3. When the killer destroys a trapped pallet, they are 50% slower for 4 seconds.

What is Chemical Trap good for?

This is arguably Ripley’s strongest perk, as it punishes the killer for an action they all but have to take. Not only is the pallet revealed to teammates – meaning they can lure the killer to it during a chase – but a slowed-down killer gives survivors more time to repair generators or run far, far away.

What is Chemical Trap bad at?

Observant killers may opt to go around the pallet rather than break it. If players aren’t used to the map they’re playing on, or they’re up against a killer like The Legion or Resident Evil’s Albert Wesker that can vault over pallets, this can be an issue. Even unobservant killers will eventually catch on and stop breaking pallets eventually, so players should use this perk sparingly to get the most use out of it.

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dead by daylight Ellen Ripley light footed perk

What does Light Footed do?

When the player is at full health, their footsteps are silent while running. This effect is briefly lost after rushing a vault over a pallet or window, with a 28-second cooldown at tier 1, 24-second cooldown at tier 2, and 20-second cooldown at tier 3.

What is Light Footed good for?

Impatient players that love to run around the map looking for generators and chests will see less punishment for doing so. Scratch marks will still be left behind, but killers that rely on sound like The Spirit are effectively countered by this perk.

What is Light Footed bad at?

When players are inevitably caught, there are many perks better than Light Footed. There’s not much value in being quiet when the killer is already in close pursuit.

Escaping as Ellen Ripley

With all of that perk knowledge in mind, players are almost ready to head into the trials. By remembering these key pieces of advice, an escape is within reach.

  • Use items and search chests to always have something useful at hand
  • Bring add-ons for items that make them more effective
  • Play with friends – tell each other what the killer is doing, and where they are.
  • Bring a useful offering – go to a survivor-sided map, keep hooks further apart, or something else entirely.
  • Hold on to hope – an escape through the hatch will still unlock this achievement, and some killers let the final survivor go if they’re feeling generous.

Dead by Daylight is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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