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The Day Before Could Be Changing Its Name | Games Rants


  • The upcoming game known as The Day Before may change its name to Dayworld, as indicated by a recent trademark filing by developer Mytona Fntastic.
  • The game has faced numerous controversies, including trademark disputes and a lack of transparency.
  • The game’s release is anticipated on November 10, 2023.

The Day Before might be getting a last-minute name change to Dayworld, if the latest trademark filed by developer Mytona Fntastic is any indication. It’s certainly not the first controversy The Day Before has been embroiled in.

First announced in 2021, The Day Before takes place in a zombie-ridden United States following a pandemic. The game generated a ton of initial hype, becoming the most wishlisted game on Steam for a time, before its page was abruptly taken down, and has suffered years of delays. The development has been notably rocky, with trademark disputes occurring over its title, alongside a lack of transparency with the public, partially due to YouTube taking down The Day Before‘s recent gameplay trailers.

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As reported over at WellPlayed, The Day Before just might be changing its name. A new trademark filed by its developers on August 3rd goes by the name of Dayworld, and its categorization suggests that it is at least video game-related. Mytona Fntastic is currently in the middle of a legal dispute surrounding The Day Before trademark, which is shared with an individual named Sun Jae Lee. While the court case is currently on pause as of August 9th, it is likely that this trademark was filed ahead of time as a backup name just in case the developers lose, enabling the game to be finished without getting delayed even further


Nonetheless, Mytona Fntastic insists that it has a right to the original trademark, citing the fact that the name has been used in other mediums but not in video games. Curiously, a similar status exists for the Dayworld title as well. It is shared with a trilogy of non-trademarked books owned by Penguin Group, but there could be a chance of a dispute over that further down the line and further delaying the game.

The Day Before has been subjected to multiple controversies given these delays and disputes, in addition to other issues such as the quality of the trailers and footage released. It’s safe to say that getting past this new hurdle is a must for Mytona Fntastic if it intends to ship The Day Before on its promised release date and finally get the games in the hands of fans.

The Day Before is set to launch for PC on November 10, 2023 with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions also in development.

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