Gamer Shows Off Impressive Custom Transformers Decepticon PS5 Console | Games Rants
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Gamer Shows Off Impressive Custom Transformers Decepticon PS5 Console | Games Rants

A Transformers fan recently displayed their impressive Decepticon-inspired custom PlayStation 5 console. Hasbro’s long-running action figure franchise has spawned countless video games, cartoons, comics, and movies over the decades, with many of these tie-in media projects retelling the epic battle between the heroic Autobots and villainous Decepticons as they take on alternate forms based on real-world vehicles, animals, and everyday appliances.

In addition to the many video game tie-ins for the Transformers cartoons and live-action movies, developer High Noon Studios once brought the Autobots and Decepticons to life in its Transformers: War for Cybertron series. These games are considered by many to be the best Transformers games ever made, and word has it that Hasbro is looking to bring these classic Transformers games to modern hardware through services like Xbox Game Pass. In the meantime, Fortnite recently had a crossover with Transformers that saw Optimus Prime enter the frantic battle royale action and Fortnite’s Battle Bus become a shape-shifting alien mech.

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All these exciting Transformers-related gaming developments seem to have inspired fans to decorate their home consoles in honor of the mechanical warriors of Cybertron – as was the case with Reddit user wfc_godz. They recently posted a photo of their own Transformers-based PS5 on r/playstation, one that is adorned with the infamous mask-like insignia of the Decepticon faction. The console also sports a black cover shell and purple under glow, both of which are commonly associated with the evil Megatron and his band of would-be galactic conquerors.

At December’s Game Awards 2022 livestream, developer Splash Damage announced Transformers: Reactivate, which will apparently see the Autobots and Decepticons unite against a new alien threat to Earth and Cybertron alike. While official details are few and far between, recent reports suggest that Reactivate will include characters from the fan-favorite Beast Wars era – not too long after they were brought into the live-action films in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

Meanwhile, wfc_godz’s Deception-inspired Transformers PlayStation 5 console has garnered some positive reactions from other Reddit users – with some joking about how it might come to life and wreck their house like the Decepticons from the movies. Thankfully wfc_godz’s custom Transformers console isn’t an evil alien bent on galactic conquest – though it will probably be a fun way to play Transformers: Reactivate when it launches sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

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