Cozy New Game is Like Stardew Valley With a Lot More Dinosaurs | Games Rants
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Cozy New Game is Like Stardew Valley With a Lot More Dinosaurs | Games Rants


  • Paleo Pines is a new sim game that combines the coziness of Stardew Valley with the addition of more dinosaurs, catering to dinosaur enthusiasts.
  • The trailer showcases various activities such as taming dinosaurs, interacting with NPCs, growing crops, and customizing the player’s farmhouse.
  • The sim features different biomes to explore, including grassy and rocky areas, and even hints at hidden secrets similar to Stardew Valley.

A trailer has revealed Paleo Pines, a sim like Stardew Valley with a lot more dinosaurs. Stardew Valley has blown up in popularity since it was released, and Paleo Pines may help cater to the cozy game audience.

Sim games have tried to mimic the coziness of Harvest Moon to varying degrees of success since the 1990s. Among the calming sim games on modern hardware are Coral Island, My Time at Portia, and Story of Seasons. While the latter is a modern take on the Harvest Moon formula, most other sims provide their own unique twist on the genre. While Stardew Valley features dinosaurs, Paleo Pines appears to offer even more dinosaurs to stand out from other sims. Though Ark: Survival Evolved may scratch the dinosaur itch for some players, Paleo Pines appears more child-friendly.

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Modus Games recently released a trailer for Paleo Pines showing off tons of different things that players will be able to do in the sim. The customizable Paleo Pines protagonist may tame dinosaurs, interact with several NPCs, grow crops, and expand their farm. The rundown farmhouse is shown with several different looks to highlight the customization potential of Paleo Pines‘ version of player housing. The Paleo Pines trailer revealed three different biomes that players can explore, including grassy and rocky areas, and an oasis. During the Paleo Pines trailer, the protagonist comes across a Moon Sculpture which may suggest that there are secrets to uncover like in Stardew Valley.

Similar to the Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons farms, Paleo Pines players will slowly upgrade a rundown property when they start their adventure. The trailer shows six different species of dinosaur, with three of them ridable. Humans and dinosaurs cooperate with each other in Paleo Pines, with the trailer revealing different ways that the prehistoric creatures can help with everyday activities. Although the Paleo Pines trailer only hinted at it, these mountable dinosaurs offer their own unique abilities. At one point a triceratops breaks a boulder by charging into it, a theropod leaps into a log to destroy it, and a diplodocus swipes at bushes to remove them from a farm. These dinosaurs may provide more than one ability, as some are shown performing different tasks.

Though Modus Games has simulation game experience with Maximum Football, Paleo Pines will be its first farming sim. While Ark: Survival Evolved may offer some of the things in Paleo Pines, the new farming sim looks to offer a cozier playing experience for dinosaur enthusiasts.

Paleo Pines releases for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on September 26.

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