Steam Users Can Save 90% on One of the Platform’s Best Games for a Limited Time | Games Rants
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Steam Users Can Save 90% on One of the Platform’s Best Games for a Limited Time | Games Rants


  • Get Civilization 6, an award-winning grand strategy game, on Steam for a huge discount of 90% off its usual price of $59.99 – only $5.99.
  • The Platinum Edition of Civilization 6, including the base game and expansions, is also heavily discounted from $167.91 to just $14.54 on Steam.
  • The ongoing promotion on Steam is part of Strategy Fest, offering daily rewards and discounts on popular strategy games.

Steam users have an opportunity to snag Civilization 6, one of the best grand strategy games on the platform, for a massive discount over the next couple of weeks. Civilization 6 is the latest installment in an award-winning franchise and has received rave reviews on Steam since its release.

Developed by Firaxis Games, Civilization 6 is a turn-based strategy game in which players establish and expand a grand empire, going toe-to-toe against some of history’s greatest leaders and developing groundbreaking tech as they progress from the Stone Age through to the Information Age. The game offers multiple paths to victory, such as through military conquest, technological superiority, or cultural dominance. Though the game was released in 2016, it still retains a loyal fan base—and with good reason, as Civilization 6 has received continuous updates and numerous expansions since its release. Civilization has long been hailed as one of the best grand strategy gaming franchises out there, with this recent installment winning Best PC Game and Best Strategy Game at the 2016 Game Critics Awards and Best Strategy Game at the Game Awards 2016.

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For a limited time, Steam users can see what all the fuss is about and grab Civilization 6 for only $5.99—a whopping 90% off its usual price of $59.99. Civilization 6: Platinum Edition, which includes the base game, six DLC packs, and the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions, also comes at a massive discount, cutting the price from $167.91 to just $14.54. Finally, for players who want to experience everything this expansive game has to offer, the Civilization 6 Anthology bundle includes the base game and an impressive 19 DLC packs. All this content normally comes with a price tag of $209.85, but Steam users can purchase it right now for only $24.93.

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The special promotion is ongoing until September 11 as part of Steam’s Strategy Fest, which aims to put a spotlight on strategy games by offering daily rewards and discounts on popular titles. This is a perfect time to try out this bestselling title for Steam users who haven’t already, and existing fans of the franchise who haven’t yet snagged all of Civilization 6’s DLC content can do so for a steal.

With close to 200,000 positive reviews on Steam, Civilization 6 is a massively well-received game and has become a staple of the 4X strategy genre. Civilization 6 features a plethora of real-life world leaders to play as, supports both solo play and co-op, and boasts an impressive level of complexity, detail, and historical context, which means plenty of players will find something to love with this franchise.

Civilization 6 is currently available on Mobile, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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