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Sarada’s Strength After The Timeskip, Explained | Games Rants

Sarada Uchiha is one of the main characters in Boruto. She is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno and that alone makes her a character blessed with immense talent. Sarada aims to become the Hokage of the village, following in the footsteps of her idol, Naruto Uzumaki. Of course, the standard set by Naruto is incredibly high and, to become the Hokage, Sarada needs to match up to him and his powers.

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Sadly, Boruto Part 1 did not throw as much focus on the character of Sarada and fans were utterly disappointed with that. That treatment could very well change in Boruto Part 2 as Sarada is now stronger than ever before and her powers might actually surprise the fans.

Sarada Before The Timeskip


Before the timeskip of Boruto, Sarada Uchiha did not get many opportunities to showcase her incredible powers. In the very first arc, Sarada played a role in the Chunin Exams, however, when the real fight against Momoshiki began, she was largely irrelevant. In the arcs that followed, Sarada played a somewhat important role, that is, until Kawaki was introduced in the story. As soon as that happened, her role started diminishing and Kawaki started to take over. The only highlight that Sarada got in the series came during her fight against Boro. After that, Sarada was largely sidelined and she continued that until the very end of the first part of the story.

While the anime certainly tried to save some grace by giving Sarada a very different path, the manga did the exact opposite. For instance, in the anime, a lot of focus was thrown on Sarada’s Sharingan as well as her training under Sasuke. If that wasn’t enough, fans also got to see her become a Chunin in the anime. Much to the surprise of the fans, Sarada is still a Genin in the manga and that only means that these two have different continuities and are not same. While it is clear to see that Sarada’s treatment in Boruto was not what fans expected, some hope came their way when, at the end of the first part, Sarada resolved to grow stronger as well. At the same time, she also awakened powers that will make her incredibly relevant in Boruto part 2.

Sarada’s Training


After Kawaki attacked Sarada and was eventually targeted by Konoha, it was Ada who came to his aid. She used the power of Omnipotence to channel Kawaki’s inner feelings and turn them into reality. Essentially, Boruto and Kawaki switched lives and the former was now seen as the killer of the Seventh Hokage and the boy whom Naruto once took in. Somehow, Sarada was not affected by Omnipotence and it was thanks to her that Sasuke was able to realize that Boruto was not the real culprit. Upon hearing about the death of Naruto Uzumaki, Sarada ended up awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan. Fans know this eye to be incredibly powerful, and for Sarada to possess this powerful eye means that she is going to be important in Boruto moving forward. However, it is highly likely that Sarada was not aware of the fact that she had awakened this power when it happened.

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Soon after, the 3 year time skip of Boruto finally began and this only meant that everyone started training to grow stronger. For instance, Boruto and Sasuke went on to train together to achieve higher levels of strength. Sarada, on the other hand, was still in Konoha, however, in order to save those who she wanted to protect and as well as fulfill her goals, she absolutely needed to train as well. While fans have not seen her training at all, it is a given fact that Sarada is going to be incredibly powerful now as a 15-year-old.

Sarada’s Return

Sarada Uchiha boruto two blue vortex

In Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 1, Sarada was given quite a lot of attention. In fact, the chapter itself started with Sarada in focus. It was revealed to the fans that Sarada is more rebellious than ever before. Sarada is still trying her best to clear Boruto’s name and, at the same time, find ways to reverse the travesty that has befallen the village.

Fans certainly did appreciate Sarada’s growth, subtle as it may have been, in the first chapter of Boruto part 2. Later on, when Code attacked the village with his Grimes, it was Sarada who jumped into action immediately and started defending the people of Konoha. The Grimes are supposed to be difficult opponents, however, Sarada was seen taking care of them with rather ease.

Even when Code attacked the village, Sarada was largely unfazed by his presence, which just goes to show that she has progressed quite a lot as a ninja. Unfortunately, fans did not get to see her in combat since Boruto Uzumaki came right in time and stole the show. However, it is quite clear that she is now stronger than ever before and her powers have likely shot through the roof. In the next chapters of Boruto, fans will most certainly get a clearer look at how far Sarada has progressed and that is certainly something that everyone is desperate to see at the moment.

How Strong Is Sarada After The Timeskip?

Sarada boruto post time skip

After the timeskip, Sarada Uchiha is most likely much stronger than ever before. While fans did not get to see her train, it is a given that Sarada most certainly trained with her own mother. This means that a lot of attention could have been thrown on her skills as a melee fighter as well as her healing powers. Fans can expect a whole new level of physical power in her character and that is certainly very exciting.

However, the biggest power-up that Sarada would have trained during the timeskip is the Mangekyo Sharingan. Fans know this eye to be incredibly powerful. It grants every user two unique abilities and, also the power of the Susanoo. Sadly for Sarada, Sasuke wasn’t around during the timeskip to train her. However, she could either have trained to figure out these powers herself, just like many other characters have done, such as Obito, and even Kakashi, or, she could have sought help from someone who did once possess the Sharingan, such as the Sixth Hokage himself. Either way, 3 years is quite a long time for anyone to master the powers of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

By now, Sarada should have figured out the individual abilities of her left and right eyes. That means Sarada, at the moment, will be tremendously adept at using her powers. Another brilliant thing about having Sakura by her side is that Sarada can use medical ninjutsu and that means the strain that comes with the Mangekyo Sharingan can easily be tackled in her case. This means she can overuse this eye without feeling the repercussions. Sarada will also have likely mastered the usage of the Susanoo and, potentially even incorporated her individual abilities with this giant humanoid armor. While Sarada will not likely be as strong as the likes of Boruto or Kawaki at the moment, she will have become tremendously powerful, worthy of being in the running for the position of the 9th Hokage.

Boruto is available to read via Manga Plus.

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