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Where to Find All Weapons | Games Rants

Once Blasphemous 2 players start up their game for the first time, they’ll need to choose a starter weapon that fits their playstyle. While the choice is kind of important, as players will have to stick with the weapon for quite some time, it’s not something that players should think too hard about. That’s because all three weapons in Blasphemous 2 can be obtained throughout the world map and can be switched at will during combat. Each weapon has its own skill tree (Weapon Memories) that players will gradually unlock as they collect and use items called Marks of Martyrdom.

By using this handy guide, Blasphemous 2 players can find all three weapons (Veredicto, Sarmiento & Centella, and Ruego Al Alba).

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Where to Find Veredicto in Blasphemous 2

veredicto location weapon mace blasphemous 2-1

The powerful but slow weapon, Veredicto, packs a punch and can sometimes stun enemies, allowing players the chance to perform special attacks. To find the mace, players will need to make their way to the west corner of Sacred Entombments. To get there, head northwest of the City of the Blessed Name, passing through Aqueduct of the Costales. The image above shows its exact location.

Where to Find Sarmiento & Centella in Blasphemous 2

sarmiento location blasphemous 2

Sarmiento & Centella are daggers and also the fastest weapon out of the three. It has a really neat slide thrust move called Sacred Thrust, and it also has a parrying move. To locate these, head east of City of the Blessed Name towards Grilles and Ruin and then Palace of the Embroideries.

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Where to Find Ruego Al Alba in Blasphemous 2

ruego weapon blasphemous 2

Last but not least, we have the Blasphemous 2‘s blade called Ruego Al Alba, the most balanced weapon in the game. Not only can players parry with it, but it has a downward thrust attack that can destroy specific locked doors on the map.

This weapon is located in the Crown of Towers, northeast of Choir of Thorns. To get there, head east of the main city and travel through Grilles and Ruins, heading up instead of down.

Players looking to unlock levels 2 and 3 of each weapon’s skill tree will need to find certain statues scattered around the world map. There are two statures for each weapon (six in total). However, some weapon upgrade statues can only be reached with certain Blasphemous abilities, so defeating a boss or two might be necessary before finding them all.

Blasphemous 2 is available for PC, Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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