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How to Get the Gloves of the Automaton | Games Rants

The Gloves of the Automaton are a rare quality piece of equipment that players can obtain in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. If the player wants to get their hands on (and in) these powerful gauntlets, there are certain tasks which need to be completed in both Act 1 and Act 2 which involve cooperating with a cranky gnome. Thankfully, the fantastic benefits bestowed by these mighty mitts make it all worthwhile for players to pursue them. Here’s how to get the Gloves of the Automaton in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What are the Gloves of the Automaton

Gloves of the Automaton in Baldur's Gate 3.

The Gloves of the Automaton are rare quality (blue) gloves which can be equipped by any member of the party. Gloves do not have an armor type, nor do they contribute to the character’s Armor Class, unless otherwise noted in the item’s effect. Therefore, it is crucial to equip gloves with a beneficial magic effect to take advantage of the armor slot.

The Gloves of the Automaton offer two potent benefits to the player who equips them. The first is a flat +1 to Strength Saving Throws, which is helpful but they not very common. Rolls that are affected by the player’s Strength are typically limited to a handful of combat based events. Such occurrences include checking to determine if the player is knocked down in combat or can be inflicted by any sort of physical restraint effect an enemy attempts.

It is the Gloves of the Automaton’s second effect, however, which really makes this item stand out among others in the hand armor slot. The Gloves also feature a unique effect called “Circuitry Interface.” This is a Class Action that the player can place on their skill bar and can activate as a Bonus Action while in combat, requiring just a Short Rest to recharge.

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As a Construct type creature, the player gains Advantage on all of their Attack Rolls along with resistance to Lightning damage for 10 turns. The Construct typing is not too bad, though players should keep it mind that being a Construct may make them invalid targets for certain types of heals or buffs.

A number of healing spells specifically state that a Construct target cannot be healed, including Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Prayer of Healing, and others. The player should consider working around this technical downside by ensuring their healers equipping effective spells before entering combat.

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The secondary benefit offered by Circuitry Interface, however, is phenomenal with no downsides. Advantage allows for the player to roll two D20s for each Attack they take against an enemy, and the game will automatically use the higher of the two results. Attack Rolls determine whether your attack or spell will hit its target, This chance to hit is based on the Armor Class of the target, so having the opportunity to roll twice can greatly increase your odds to outroll the enemy’s AC and ensure a spell or attack lands and deals damage.

Given Circuitry Interface’s long buff duration and ease of casting while issuing only a minor and technical grievance, this effect makes the Gloves of the Automaton a highly-desirable piece of equipment players will certainly want to go through the trouble to obtain.

How to Get the Gloves of the Automaton

As expected, such a powerful item will require fairly substantial effort in order for players to acquire. Once specific conditions have been met and quests are completed, they are simply purchased from an NPC in exchange for gold. However, getting to that point requires a lot of questing, fighting, and general progression in the game. Here are the steps players need to take to unlock the option to purchase the Gloves of the Automaton in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Rescue Barcus Wroot from the Windmill

Barcus Wroot attached to windmill in Baldur's Gate 3.

In Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, players may stumble upon a gnome in an unfortunate situation just outside the Blighted Village. They will run into a group of goblins who have tied Mr. Wroot to the blade of a windmill and are currently entertained watching him spin around. The player needs to free Barcus from the ropes, which requires either negotiating with the goblins or battling them.

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Either way, once the goblins have left, the player can enter the windmill and activate its brake. This allows them to return to the front of the windmill and untie Barcus. The gnome is only mildly grateful and will head off to do whatever it is he needs to do, declaring the player can collect his backpack, found in a cellar accessible from the windmill’s right side.

Be sure to activate the ‘Brake Level’ and not the ‘Release Brake’ lever to free Barcus from the windmill, as the latter option results in the unfortunate outcome of launching him to his death.

Rescue the Gnomes from Grymforge

Baldurs Gate 3 Gnomes Nere

The windmill incident is unfortunately not the last players see of the ornery gnome, as they will next meet him in Grymforge, located in the Underdark. Here Barcus, along with other gnomes, has been enslaved by Duergar, a generally cruel race of dark dwarves. The player can find him among the other gnomes being forced to perform labor in the cave.

Grymforge is an expansive dungeon in Baldur’s Gate 3 that will require careful exploration and skillful displays of the party’s combat skills. Once the party faces True Soul Nere, they are given the option to either rescue the gnomes, or side with the Absolute, killing the gnomes. Players who want the Gloves of the Automaton should certainly select the first option.

Recruit Barcus to Join The Camp

Barcus Wroot in player Camp in Baldur's Gate 3.

After being freed, Barcus decides to be a bit more amicable toward the player character, and he will offer to join them in The Camp. He will hang around The Camp and the player can speak with him, but he will not join the party as a playable companion. He does mention that he wishes to travel to Moonrise Towers, and the player assures him that they will search for his missing friend in their own journey.

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Find Barcus at the Last Light Inn

Barcus inside Last Light Inn in Baldur's Gate 3.

With these first two tasks completed in Baldur’s Gate 3, the player must then proceed through the game’s Act 2 until reaching a location called the Last Light Inn, also located in the Underdark. This is a surprisingly significant location and, among other allies taking refuge, the player will once again run into Barcus Wroot. Barcus is now an active Merchant who will trade with the character when prompted, offering a variety of items including the Gloves of the Automaton.

Purchase or Steal the Gloves of the Automaton

Barcus Wroot has gotten his hands on these powerful gloves and the player should definitely want to get their hands on them, too. Barcus has only one pair of gloves available. In order to obtain the Gloves of the Automaton from Barcus Wroot, the player is presented with two options: either buy the gloves from Barcus, or attempt to pickpocket them off him.

Barcus Wroot merchant in Baldur's Gate 3.

If the player chooses the safe and relatively easy route, they will need to hand over 899 gold to the gnome in exchange for these powerful gauntlets. Alternatively, the player can attempt to instead pickpocket the gloves from Barcus Wroot, though should keep in mind that it will require a challenging Sleight of Hand skill check. It is, of course, possible to auto save (using F5) and reload while attempting rolls until they have successfully snagged the gloves and can go along their way.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on macOS and PC and will be released on PS5 on September 6th, 2023.

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