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Share ID Emblem & Decal Codes (& How to Use Them) | Games Rants

Players that want to customize their mechs in Armored Core 6 may be interested in attaching Emblems to them as Decals. While there are many preset Decals for fans to use straightaway, they can also create their own custom Emblems with the help of the in-game Image Editor. Furthermore, those custom Decals can be uploaded and shared, thanks to Armored Core 6‘s Share ID feature, and this guide is here to help players find codes and use them on their mechs.

To note, Share ID codes are platform-specific. For full clarity, this means that PC players can only use Decals that were uploaded on PC, PlayStation players can only use Decals that were uploaded on PlayStation, and Xbox players can only use Decals that were uploaded on Xbox. While this restriction should not prevent fans of mech video games from finding Share IDs that are of interest, it may explain why some players believe that the feature is not working.

Armored Core 6: Share ID Codes (Decals & Emblems)

There are currently two great sources for Decal codes, and the first one is the AC Companion website. Indeed, players can find many Share IDs on this community-driven site, and they can easily filter them by platform. AC Companion also allows for searching by title, which may be useful to action video game fans that are looking for specific Decals.

The Armored Core subreddit is another great place to find Share IDs, and players should focus on the “Emblem Showcase” flair that is assigned to their preferred platform. While fans can filter for those flairs simply by clicking them on the right side of the subreddit, the following links point to them directly:

ac6 share id codes

Armored Core 6: How to Use Share ID Codes

Once a player finds a Decal that they like, they should head to the Garage, select AC Design, and choose Image Editor. Armored Core 6 players should now tab over to the Downloaded tab, click the black square with the downward pointing arrow, and enter the Share ID into the box that appears.

With the Decal downloaded, players can make their way to Decals within AC Design, select the component that they want to customize, and click the black box in the bottom-left corner of the screen. This action will cause the Select Image menu to appear, and fans can tab over to the Downloaded tab to find their downloaded Decal. From there, players should simply select the Decal and attach it to their mech in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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