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Armored Core 6 Player Creates Nintendo GameCube Mech | Games Rants


  • Armored Core 6 fans have been using the game’s customization options to create unique mechs, including one that looks like a Nintendo GameCube.
  • The GameCube mech, shared by Twitter user Exoskellet, closely resembles the console with its purple color, logo, and controller ports.
  • Exoskellet’s attention to detail in customizing their mech shows the potential for future creations that resemble other gaming consoles like the Super Nintendo or N64.

An Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon fan has utilized the game’s customization options to turn their mech into a Nintendo GameCube. Armored Core 6 revitalized a dormant franchise when it was released and the game has gone viral for its customization opportunities.

The Armored Core 6 mechs can be easily customized down to their parts, paint, and decals. Since the release of Armored Core 6, players have shared tons of unique creations. Among the impressive mechs shared by the community so far are Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7, Homer from The Simpsons, and Kirby. Though a separate Nintendo GameCube code has been used to put the logo on different mechs, this one has been made to resemble the console itself.

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Twitter user Exoskellet recently shared two screenshots of their Nintendo GameCube mech from Armored Core 6. The GameCube mech shares an uncanny similarity to the sixth-gen Nintendo console, with what appears to be the exact shade of purple as the console’s primary color. Exoskellet’s mech uses the Nintendo GameCube text shown on top of the console rather than the logo shared by another creator. Under a central black circle is a decal that looks like the GameCube’s power light. The chest of the mech has what appears to be four GameCube controller ports with their corresponding indicators and memory card slots underneath.

Based on their screenshots, it seems like Exoskellet has adjusted each Armored Core 6 mech part for their build. This would involve the player going through the head, core, arms, arms units, legs, back units, generator, booster, FCS, and expansion options to get the right aesthetic. Although it’s missing the reset, power, and open buttons of the GameCube, Exoskellet’s mech otherwise represents a combat-ready Nintendo console. Nintendo fans who also want their mechs to look like a GameCube can download the design through Exoskellet’s Armored Core 6 Share ID. Because Exoskellet’s mech is already designed to resemble a Nintendo GameCube, the color could easily be swapped to black, silver, or orange to look like other versions of the console.

Based on their attention to detail, it’s likely that Exoskellet spent some time customizing their mech to look as akin to the GameCube as it does. As gamers continue to create impressive Armored Core 6 mechs, future ones may highlight other consoles like the Super Nintendo or N64.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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