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Armored Core 6 Player Builds Homer Simpson Mech | Games Rants


  • Customization options in Armored Core 6 allow players to create mechs that resemble iconic characters like Homer Simpson, adding a fun and entertaining element to the game.
  • The deep customization system in Armored Core 6 has led to players sharing their custom mech designs, giving others the opportunity to play as Homer Simpson or other unique creations without having to design them themselves.
  • The recent trend of customization options in popular video games, like Armored Core 6, shows that players enjoy personalizing their gameplay experience by bringing in elements of pop culture or creating their own elaborate fictions within the game world.

An Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon player has used the game’s deep customization system to make a mech that resembles Homer Simpson from the beloved animated sitcom The Simpsons. With its robust customization options, it was only a matter of time before Armored Core 6 players started flooding the internet with their wildest and weirdest custom mech paint jobs, and players have delivered so far.

Armored Core 6 marks FromSoftware’s long-awaited return to its longest-running series, as the Armored Core franchise has been running since 1997, with the first entry released on the original PlayStation console. Fires of Rubicon racked up an impressive 150,000 concurrent players on Steam in its first weekend, continuing a stellar year for gaming which also saw Baldur’s Gate 3 unexpectedly shatter concurrent player records.

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An Armored Core 6 player by the name of BlackTemplarKNB posted an image of their mech in the game’s subreddit. BlackTemplarKNB named the mech h0m3-R since they modeled it on Homer Simpson, one of the most iconic characters in American television history. Like another player before them who created Kirby in Armored Core 6, BlackTemplarKNB used the game’s deep customization options to paint the mech’s legs the same pale blue as Homer’s jeans and made its shoulders and torso white to match Homer’s collared white polo. Of course, the arms are yellow to match the most common skin color found in the world of The Simpsons.

The best part of the customization job is undoubtedly the head. BlackTemplarKNB used the game’s decal creator to create the round eyes and bearded mouth which are iconic pieces of Homer’s character model. The fact that the mech’s head is so small compared to the rest of the mech’s bulky frame may not be the most accurate part of the build, but it makes it all the more entertaining and silly. The fact that Armored Core 6 players can then share their custom builds and mech designs means potentially any player who wants to play as Homer Simpson can do so without making the design themselves.

Just as players immediately responded to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s crafting mechanic by building all manner of outlandish devices, including some mechs, Armored Core 6 players have immediately taken to the game customization options to build mechs that resembled Marvel comics character Venom or even look like they were built by the John Deere tractor company. The recent slate of customization options in major video game releases goes to show that when given the opportunity to personalize their gameplay experience, players will take the ball and run with it by either bringing some other artifacts of pop culture into the game or by creating their own elaborate fiction that makes them feel like they are truly affecting its world.

Armored Core 6 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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