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Armored Core 6: Decision Missions Explained | Games Rants

Upon reaching Chapter 3 in Armored Core 6, players will begin to encounter missions that are marked as “Decision.” While some fans will pay little attention to this demarcation, others may want to know more about it before they proceed. This guide is written with that second group of players in mind, and details on Armored Core 6‘s Decision Missions can be found in what follows.

Armored Core 6: Decision Missions Explained

To put things simply, Decision Missions in Armored Core 6 appear in pairs, and the unselected mission will become inaccessible during the current playthrough. To concretize this idea with an example, the game’s first Decision pair appears near the middle of Chapter 3, and it requires players to pick between Eliminate the Enforcement Squads and Destroy the Special Forces Craft. If the player selects Eliminate the Enforcement Squads, they will not be able to play Special Forces Craft until their next playthrough, and the opposite also holds true.

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As such, players are encouraged to beat Armored Core 6 multiple time, as that is the only way to play every Decision Mission in the game. There are also several missions that are exclusive to NG+ and NG++ playthroughs as well as multiple endings, providing further incentive for fans to return to the game after the end credits roll for the first time.

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While Armored Core 6 players should now have a solid understanding of how Decision Missions function, questions about the order in which they should be pursued may still linger. While fans are certainly free to use the missions’ rewards and objectives to inform their decisions, it is recommended that they always select the top Decision Mission during their first playthrough, and always select the bottom Decision Mission during their NG+ playthrough. Indeed, this strategy makes it easy to keep track of unplayed Decision Missions, and it will guarantee that players receive two different endings at the conclusions of their first two playthroughs.

For NG++, two brand new Decision Missions will appear during the playthrough, and players should make sure to select them to access Armored Core 6‘s third ending. For full clarity, those missions are Coral Export Denial and Eliminate V.III, and they are both available during Chapter 4. Again, fans that do not pick those missions when they appear will not have the chance to complete them, and they will need to pursue yet another playthrough if they want to earn the final ending.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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