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Custom Armored Core 6 Emblem is Perfect Tribute to Elden Ring | Games Rants


  • Armored Core 6 offers an extensive image editor, allowing players to create unique decals and emblems for artistic purposes.
  • The customizability in Armored Core 6 is vast, with many differing builds and approaches to missions, forming the gameplay loop the series is known for.
  • Players have taken advantage of the game’s image editor to create unique decals and emblems, including a tribute to a famous meme from FromSoftware’s Elden Ring.

One creative Armored Core 6 player crafted a lovely tribute to Elden Ring utilizing the game’s in-depth image editor. The customizability in Armored Core 6 is vast, with many differing builds allowing for differing approaches to the game’s many missions. This forms the gameplay loop that Armored Core is so well known for, trying to build upon mistakes by replacing what doesn’t work with what does. Armored Core 6 is a difficult game with an especially ruthless first major boss giving players Elden Ring flashbacks. However, when not trying to dodge volleys of missiles, many players have also taken to utilizing the game’s customizability for more artistic purposes.

Outside their combat applications, Armored Core 6‘s mech customization also comes with an image editor, which many players use to craft their perfect mech using decals, or just turn their Armored Core 6 mech into Venom. The editor is quite in-depth, with many layers to build upon, and pieces to put in. These pieces range from basic shapes and letters in multiple fonts to objects and images. Then, the player can customize it further with shape, rotation, and color. This has allowed players to create some unique decals and emblems.

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One Armored Core 6 player has even used it to create a proper tribute to a famous meme in the community of FromSoftware’s other recent title Elden Ring. Posting onto the Armored Core subreddit, user hammbone uploaded an emblem they created, featuring a turtle with a pope hat and the word “DOG” posted above. This is a reference to the character Miriel Pastor of Vows, a giant turtle priest in Elden Ring that players called a dog through messages left on the floor. With this, he has been eternalized in another game for other players to use for themselves.

In the Reddit post, the user did post the code for other players to use, but only if they have the PlayStation version of the game. Unfortunately, since the images players create in Armored Core 6 are platform-specific, players on other platforms will not be able to worship the turtle pope unless they remake the emblem themselves.

Just like in Elden Ring, Armored Core 6 has provided players with plenty of possibilities to craft their builds the way they want, whether it’s for their warrior or their mech. The game has only just been released, but with some players already building some of their favorite Gundam mechs in Armored Core 6, there are sure to be plenty of unique player creations in the future.

Armored Core 6 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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